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The Collaborative Networked Innovation Model Research Of Horizontal Enterprises In Cluster Supply Chain

Posted on:2015-01-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L L XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2269330422471110Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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With the development of regional economic integration and the progress oftechnology, the competition between the enterprises gradually turned into thecompetition between the cluster supply chains. The collaborative innovation betweenenterprises is the source of the cluster to obtain competitive advantage. This paper onthe basis of relevant theories of supply chain collaborative innovation discusses thecollaborative networked innovation mode and evolution path by using quantitative andqualitative research, empirical research and case research method. This paper analyzesthe influence factor of cooperative innovation based on knowledge transfer perspectiveand combines the knowledge spillover and crowding effect. Then it analyzes theinnovation influence of the distance between enterprises. The full text is divided into sixchapters:Chapter1introduces the thesis research background, significance, the goals andmethods. Then it expounds the route and innovation point.Chapter2shows the literature review at home and abroad. This paper is thehorizontal enhancement and enterprise innovation research of internal supply chain.This article firstly reviews and summarizes the theory of cluster supply chain, and thenit is guided by the research questions of this article, introduces the literature ofenterprise cooperative innovation.Chapter3describes the perspective of supply chain cooperation lateral horizontalcooperative innovation between enterprises. It is turned into four patterns: imitationstage, improvement stage, transformation stage, creating stage, and draws innerevolution path of the four stages, then it has carried on the proof analysis.Chapter4is based on the analysis of the horizontal cooperative innovation mode andevolution path, in combination with related literature research and practical investigation,then find out the factors that influence the cooperative innovation performance andbuild the SEM. Then gather data from supply chain node enterprises and test the SEM.Chapter5is on the basis of empirical research of the influencing factors, the process of competition in the supply chain enterprise. Introducing crowding effect in theprocess of the concurrence of the cluster supply chain and knowledge overflow, usingthe backward induction analysis under the condition of cooperative game andnon-cooperative game, this part analyses the distance influence to the innovation andprofits.Chapter6shows the conclusion and prospect, then summarizes the full text andanalyzes the limitation and the problem of the further research.
Keywords/Search Tags:Industrial cluster, Cluster supply chain, Network externalities, Collaborative innovation, Horizontal cooperation
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