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The Research About The Impact Of Agricultural Subsidies On Grain Production

Posted on:2014-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Q FangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2249330398953376Subject:National Economics
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China is a large agricultural country of grain production, The safety of food is astrategic issue related to national security and people’s happiness, the grain production isrestricted by many conditions, especially changeable climate. In recent years the foodsecurity of my country is threatened by natural disasters. At the same time, the grain havecharacteristics of weak, basic, public and so on. So, our county not only canceledagricultural taxes but also increased investment in agriculture. But the impact of theagricultural subsidy on grain production needs further study. Anqiu city is The NationalGrain Production Counties. I have begun to work in the city since2009.I have beeninvolved in implementation of agricultural subsidies and obtained a lot of data. In summary,this topic has important theoretical and practical significance.In this paper, I analyzed the implementation of the agricultural subsidy policy from2004to2011in Anqiu city through normative analysis, empirical analysis, analysis methodand so on. Because of insufficient data, I not only do the dynamic analysis by means ofmeasurement model but also do static analysis to the agricultural subsidies. The analysisresults show that the agricultural subsidy policy improve enthusiasm of grain cultivationand the impact on the value of grain production is greater than the impact on the income ofthe farmers. The comprehensive agricultural subsidy plays obvious role among theseagricultural subsidies. Agricultural subsidies improve grain production with thecharacteristics of diminishing marginal utility. Finally the article suggests that our countryshould improve the existing agricultural subsidy policy, increase investment and makeinnovations.
Keywords/Search Tags:Agriculture subsidies, Grain, Production
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