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The Research On The Status Quo And Situations Of China’s Grain Subsidy Policy

Posted on:2015-04-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330467468870Subject:Rural and regional development
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Material security is inseparable from human existence, food is an importantcomponent of material security, the food is not only able to achieve a stable socialdevelopment, but also to ensure national economic security and political stability.But food production susceptible to many factors, the state should develop somesubsidies so that food production can proceed smoothly. In recent years, China’sfarmers to grow food during difficult to increase production, but also the worldfood crisis, in this grim situation, China’s food policy must be developed so thatfood production is guaranteed. Initially, the food subsidy policy withcirculation-based, and now it has turned to farmers, subsidies to the introductionof the policy, not only to increase farmers’ income, but also to increase foodproduction, but in the implementation and enforcement of the policy, there havebeen some problems, so that policies play the effect is affected. At present, ourcountry is a problem to be solved is how to effect our food subsidy policy toconduct a comprehensive analysis, and policy implementation to identify factorsthat affect the analysis presented in the solutions and strategies to promote thefood industry to achieve healthy development.This paper studies on food subsidies theoretical and empirical aspects of themulti-angle, discusses the necessity of implementation of food subsidies.Andeconomic theory, reviewed the history of China’s food subsidy policy changes,analyzes China’s current food subsidy policy.Implementation, analysis of theimpact of food subsidies, and by assessing the effect of the implementation of theexisting food subsidy policy: find food subsidy policy problems and to deal withthe problems raised for food subsidy policy to further improve our optimizationrecommendations.
Keywords/Search Tags:Grain subsidies, grain subsidies polices, grain Production
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