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Research Of Optimization Design On Commercial Bank Performance Management

Posted on:2014-02-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X R SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2249330398960929Subject:(professional degree in business administration)
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Performance management is the management of organization and employee performance, through the orderly organization and implementation of process management, and the results of performance management feedback communication, fit better performance and unit performance, thus completing the overall performance improvement. Performance management is the principle of giving priority to efficiency, fair and transparent. Enterprises through the establishment of scientific and rational, reflect the strategic objectives of the performance index system, measure system analysis and communication and feedback mechanism, enhance their sense of belonging and power, promote the enterprise management to achieve maximum value.Based on the basic theory of performance management at home and abroad literature and performance management, analyzes the current situation of the development of performance management of domestic and foreign commercial banks, points out the existing problems in the performance management of domestic commercial banks:index system on financial index, short-term and long-term weight light; there is a gap between the implementation performance management tools; performance appraisal will be equivalent to the performance management; performance evaluation of strategic target transmission is not smooth, and focuses on the analysis of various aspects of performance evaluation of strategic target of conduction is not smooth.In view of the above problems, this paper first card method to establish the performance of various levels of the tree using Du Pont Analysis and balanced scorecard, decompose the overall objectives; to strengthen the organization’s strategic goals after conduction as the focus, refined performance management objectives, clarity index layers of conductive steps, in the process with strong organizational objectives conduction to the personal performance improvement, focus analysis of the performance management process under the cooperative and diversified communication, enhance evaluation on performance appraisal training and assessment of the quality and ability.The XX bank as an example, analyzed the current situation of performance management of the enterprise and the insufficiency, elaborated the performance management mechanism of improved internal driving force, through the implementation of specific organizations, by constructing a performance management information platform, effectively solves is not smooth, easy deviation during the strategic goal of conduction problems; improvement of performance management of transmission mechanism can promote enterprise performance management level, finally, the utility and the problems to be further studied are discussed.
Keywords/Search Tags:Commercial bank, Performance management, Performance tree, Mechanism of, conduction of game theory
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