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Design And Implementation Of Operation Control System For Furnace Ignition/Claus

Posted on:2014-08-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C F LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330401466227Subject:Software engineering
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The Claus process is one of the methods used for the removal of the combustion offossil fuels and geothermal power generated hydrogen sulfide. The principle is to makethe hydrogen sulfide burning incompletely, so that the reaction of sulfur dioxide andhydrogen sulfide generated. Proper mixing ratio of air and hydrogen sulfide, hydrogensulfide can be turned into sulfur and water. The ignition system plays a vital role for thestable operation of the Claus furnace.This thesis focuses on the analysis of the Claus process and key issues of theoverall design of the automatic ignition system and process control system.The Claus automatic control system uses a hierarchical structure. The first layer isthe process control layer, which is based on PLC control method. The SIEMENSS7-314, directly connected to the field instruments. It realized the function of real-timecontrol, reached the field of digital and analog signal acquisition and processing.Secondary process monitoring layer in industrial control computer, using the Siemensindustrial control, implements the system of monitoring, management and recordfunction. Through MPI network connection between industrial computer and PLC, PLCby profibus-dp between master station and son station network connection. PLChardware configuration design USES SIEMENS PLC programming tool STEP7software development, hardware configuration and the PLC control program design; Weuse WinCC configuration with friendly human-computer interaction interface for PCmonitoring software, again complementary with flexible and controllable processmanagement approach, to direct and comprehensive control of the production process.
Keywords/Search Tags:Claus, WinCC, control, PLC
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