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Research On The Development Of Cultural Industry Of Wuqiang New Year Paintings

Posted on:2015-02-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D D ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2255330428469216Subject:Art of Design
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Wuqiang New Year Picture, long-known as a traditional Chinese folk art treasure, waslisted in the first national nonmaterial cultural heritage list and called "the folk life ofGrand View Garden”. This thesis analyzes the development of culture industrialization ofWuqiang New Year Picture and puts forward related countermeasures and suggestion.The thesis also summarizes the development history, the cultural background, the craft,the art value and the inheritance of Wuqiang New Year Picture.Wuqiang New YearPicture is very important in the history of Chinese folk art. It has great cultural andartistic value, Meanwhile, it is of great help for the study of folk customs of the ancientnation. As the first national nonmaterial cultural heritage of China, this precious cultureshould be continued and developed. Cultural enterprises, as the major market players ofWuqiang New Year Picture’s industrialization, should makes great efforts to deeplydevelop Wuqiang New Year Picture’s connotation and enhance its cultural attraction,protect them and exploit its potential talent through industrialization and market-orientedoperation, advance the cultural products to the international market gradually, so topromote the sustainable development of Wuqiang New Year Picture in a basic way. Atlast the thesis proposes critical problems that Wuqiang New Year Picture is confrontedwith, also offers counter opinions on these problems, and highlights that localgovernments should create relaxed environment, plan some Wuqiang New Year Pictureindustrial projects, organize and carry out international cultural exchange and New YearPictures Art forum, give priority support to the cultural industry brands of Wuqiang NewYear picture.The results of this thesis is to further promote the development of WuqiangNew Year picture, led by Wuqiang New Year picture, guided by industrial extension,combine a series of measures to form a set of industrial chain that integrates tourism,economy and trade, animation, products and protection, so to make Wuqiang New YearPicture embark on the circular road of industry development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Wuqiang New Year painting, industrialization development, inheritanceand protection, cultural industry, intangible cultural heritage
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