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Study On The Construction Of Public Service System Based On The Integration Of High-tech Zone Of Zhuzhou City

Posted on:2013-06-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330401450781Subject:Public Management
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The public service system refers to government leading, which governmentmakes the goals that all citizens share reform and development results to ensure theequality of all citizens could enjoy the basic institutional arrangements under theprotection of certain socio-economic development conditions. The major builder ofthe public service system is the government, at the same time, non-profitorganizations and enterprises can cooperate with the government’s provision of publicservices. In the market economy, the government is committed to building a model ofgovernment-led, and social forces involved in the supply of public service delivery.As the major project of economic reform,National Hi-Tech Development Zone hasalready gained a foothold in practice. As for the enterprise of Hi-Tech Zone, how tooptimize the industrial structure and form industrial clusters is an important channelfor enterprises to reduce costs and improve productivity and achieved good economicbenefits. Industrial development need to integrate high-tech industrial chain topromote the formation of industrial clusters. In this process, there is necessity toemphasizing the government’s construction of public service platform and improvethe public services building. On the one hand, it can promote the service systemreform of high-tech zones and improve the service quality to build a good policyenvironment for enterprise adjustment of industrial structure; on the other hand, it alsoadapted to the requirements of the national public reform. This paper takes High-techZone of ZhuZhou city for example, exploring public services to local governments inthe development of high-tech zones, and through the analysis of the problems it putsforward the views of the public service system based on the integration of industrialchain.The first chapter discusses the background and significance of this study,domestic and international research survey,research contents and method, innovationand weak Point herein; The second chapter is based on the integration of industrialchain, and the public service system of high-tech zones, and finally points out thenecessity of perfect high-tech zones in the Public Services; The Chapter three first introduces the High-tech Zone of Zhuzhou city’s development and achievements, andon this basis it points their problems and the causes of their problems; Forth chapter inthe previous chapter, summarizes the countermeasures to improve the public serviceof the High-tech Zone.
Keywords/Search Tags:Industrial chain, High-tech Zone, Public service system
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