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The Study Of System Construction For Urban Community Public Emergencies Risk Warning

Posted on:2013-11-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X H QinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2256330401451273Subject:Public Management
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As China’s urbanization process accelerate gradually, the public emergencies likesocial security event, accidents and disasters, public health event and natural disastersoccur frequently in urban communities. These public emergencies caused a great deal ofthreat to the life and property safety of urban community public, this determines theimportant status of risk warning to public emergencies in urban communities. The paper,to improve the urban community emergency management system oriented, talk about theconstruction of public emergencies risk warning platform in urban communities to acertain extent.First of all, this paper used some public emergencies in urban communities asbackground, combined with country policy, and then cleared purpose and researchsignificant of this article. it also discussed related research at home and abroad. The paperbuilt theoretical basis from some aspects as follows. The connotation, characteristics,classification and grading of public emergencies; the connotations and main link of riskswarning for public emergencies and the definition, component, function of risk earlywarning platform for public emergencies.Secondly, this paper discussed the strategic planning of risk warning platformconstruction, following made a detailed analysis of risk early warning platformacquirements. The requirement analysis include overall functional requirements, userneeds, some of the sub-system functional requirements and platform performancerequirements, it laid the foundation for the platform’s function module design. At the sametime, paper analyzes the core business processes of this platform and cleared specificprocess for platform business.Again, On the basis of platform analysis, the author designed overall architecture ofthe risk early warning platform for public emergencies; it includes basic environmentlayer design, data resource layer design, service support layer design, business applicationand customer access layer design. And then this paper designed core module of the riskearly warning platform for public emergencies in detail, it includes the platform maininterface design, the platform management function module design, the risk recognitionmodule and the risk assessment function module design. That made risk identification,assessment and early warning functions into risk early warning platform.At last, this paper used risk warning information platform of K community as an example, focuses on the applied value of this platform, which showed the validity of thisplatform and the importance of risk warning in the community emergency management.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public emergencies in urban communities, Risk early warning platform, Requirements analysis, Modules design
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