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Risk Social Context Of Public Emergencies, Early Warning Mechanism

Posted on:2011-02-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the end of 1970s, after 30 years of reform and opening up, China's economy has maintained a high growth rate and has made remarkable achievements. Meanwhile, all aspects of social life also have changed greatly. The material and cultural living standards of the people have been greatly improved, and the spiritual and cultural aspects also have a distinct transition from the old to the new. In the development process, the wealth gap between regions and the gap between rich and poor people are growing wider and wider, at the same time, society is divided into"different classes"called by many sociologists. In recent years, due to the more complex interests and social environment, all kinds of public emergencies have frequently occurred in China, with the number and impact growing. All evidences indicate that China has entered the"risk society"presupposed by the German sociologist Ulrich Beck.Under such social background, it is of important practical significance to constantly perfect the early warning mechanism for public emergency, further enhance the monitoring of various public emergency triggers, further equip early warning information system with modern and advanced computer network, further strengthen the communication and cooperation and information sharing between departments of the early warning mechanism, and further increase public crisis awareness and crisis prevention. Therefore, the early warning system can play better role in resolving all kinds of public emergencies in the bud.Against the research background of risk society theory in sociology, the author of this paper adopts such research methods as documentary analysis, comparative analysis, system analysis and case analysis to introduce the flow chart and system theory of system dynamics and the early warning system model of corporation crisis to the construction of the early warning system of public emergencies, aiming to perfect our public emergency warning system and better prevent and resolve various public emergencies, and reduce the damage of public emergencies as much as possible. Perfecting our early warning system of public emergencies is beneficial to the construction of harmonious society and the building of a well-off society.
Keywords/Search Tags:risk society, public emergencies, early warning mechanism
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