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Research On The Early Warning Mechanism Of Public Emergencies

Posted on:2018-05-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330515483739Subject:Public Management
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With the rapid development of globalization,in the promotion of "world village"development,but also makes the complex social environment is more dynamic and uncertainty,the world’s various public emergencies frequent outbreak,and The frequency of the rising trend of public emergencies gradually become the social environment in the normal and "new label." At present,China is in the period of"economic transition and social transformation".At the same time,all kinds of emergent public events have affected China’s economic development and social harmony.At present,China’s response to emergency response to public emergencies is gradually improving,and it has formed a better coping system for post-public response and handling of public emergencies.However,relative to the gradual improvement of public emergencies in the post-processing,the pre-warning mechanism is still inadequate,especially in recent years to face the risk of superposition,the cumulative state of a series of events highlight the government’s risk early warning failure,which reflects Out of the relevant government departments in the work of public emergency early warning mechanism is flawed.In the face of public emergencies,government emergency management is an important part of its management,in which the early warning mechanism is an important and important part of the emergency management process,the perfect early warning mechanism can be in the public before the occurrence of public events,And thus prevent the occurrence of disasters,but also after the crisis can also make the government in accordance with the early warning plan to better deal with public emergencies,to minimize the loss of public emergencies,maintaining the normal order of society.This study is divided into six parts:The first part of the article’s research background and research significance is described,the status quo at home and abroad to sort out and make a brief review,and then pointed out the research ideas and research methods.The second part defines the relevant concepts and introduces the utility of the early warning mechanism in public emergencies and analyzes the relevant theories.The third part of the case through the analysis of combing,and then pointed out that the early warning mechanism in the case of the lack of events and reflected.The fourth part is the early warning mechanism in the sudden public events in the problem of combing,through the problem to find out the reasons,and explain the reasons.The fifth part of the improvement of China’s public emergency early warning mechanism of the countermeasures and suggestions,among the three major aspects of the narrative.The sixth part is the conclusion part of this article,points out the innovation and the shortcomings of this research,and further puts forward the problems and suggestions that need to be discussed.
Keywords/Search Tags:public emergencies, emergency management, early warning mechanism
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