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Xinjiang’s Leaping Development And Long-Term Stability From The Perspective Minority Personnel Security Research

Posted on:2014-11-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Along with the implementation of the western development policy and central Xinjiang forum held in Xinjiang ushered in a golden building, is open, a historic opportunity,"the large-scale development of the western region, talent first", to promote Xinjiang by leaps and bounds type development, not only by the aid of the economically developed provinces and cities, funds, projects and equipment alone does not work, traffic or ecological, it, technology, information, capital, and so it is most core people! Especially a large number of patriotic love Xinjiang awareness of minority local talent to build. A long time, the state and the autonomous region has been the-selection and training of ethnic minority college students talent as the key to human resources work, accumulated a wealth of experience in training Ethnic Minority Talents Practice has proved that talent cultivation project come to fruition, however, the Pipi Minority Talents come back to go from here? The studies Huijiang how the state and aspirations? Face difficulties? There are not well absorbed, management, and use of? But the lack of follow-up attention.Personnel policy should be systematic, ongoing, to develop and nurture talent is only the first step in the construction of talent, is the basic personnel training policy, retain and manage talent to absorb more talents, to prevent the brain drain, promote the healthy flow of talent "talent stabilization policy is the solution the talent bottleneck in Xinjiang fundamentally, it is a subject worthy of further study. The survey found that:the construction of a new round of frontier torrent, direct government faced with all kinds of talent emerging security issues, Xinjiang is facing a the local minority brain drain unfavorable situation for various reasons, while the lack of adequate personnel attractive, but also unable to attract more foreign talent truly rooted to Xinjiang, is in unable to retain talent, talent does not lead into the talent he is unwilling to embarrassment, the brain drain is particularly serious.I believe that:"Talent is the engine of leapfrog development in Xinjiang, because someone building for development, this paper mainly to promote and demonstrate why an urgent need to play Mainland membership in Xinjiang minority college students the special role of local talent; human security is the fundamental long-term stability of Xinjiang, the continued development of the personnel security to avoid the outflow of instability, and so on.This relates to the personnel security."Human security" in the broad issues of non-traditional security studies, has been more important. This paper, based on "human security" theory, try to make the security referent from the specific to the general concept of "universal law" talent "security, in this paper, in particular studying in mainland universities returned from Xinjiang minority national personnel security "as the main object of study, such minority personnel safety situation facing many difficulties:the brain drain in the Mainland, loss abroad, at home unemployed, could not very well play what they have learned and so on, through in-depth mining personnel safety situation caused by various reasons, and prescribe the right medicine targeted countermeasures to solve the problem of Ethnic Minority Talents, try to build a minority personnel security mechanisms.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mainland membership in Xinjiang minority college students, personnel safety, Present Situation, Countermeasure
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