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Research On The Countermeasures And Constraints Of Rural Elite Governance

Posted on:2014-11-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J ZhongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2256330401972193Subject:Public administration
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As the drive of building the new socialist countryside is continuing, great attention is paid to the capability of modern Chinese elite in the country. Thus it becomes a key subject for scholars at home and abroad. The elite can not only promote the economy and the integration of rural communities, but also enhance the development of rural public welfare undertakings. However, there are some problems in the rural elite’s governing, such as the high concentration of the power of rural elite, the absence of the corresponding governing rules and so on, which seriously affect the development of democratic politics at the grass-roots in rural areas. To solve such problems and promote the construction and development of the new socialist countryside, more efforts can be made to improve the rural legal system, to constrain the government authority, to enhance the peasants’ political involvement and to perfect the villagers’ self-governing system. Since1980s, rural elite’s governing have been restricting modern Chinese rural elite with the background of the collapse of people’s commune system and the enforcement of family-contract responsibility system. Since then, it has been a key subject for scholars at home and abroad. Rural elite plays an important role in rural communities for they are actively involved in different fields to promote the development of rural communities and the construction of new socialist countryside. Therefore, due attention must be paid to the elite. With a survey of Jingkou Village, Tangwanli Village and Xinlong Village, the thesis analyzes relevant literature and summarizes the six difficulties in rural elite governing and factors. As a result, it provides the strategies of improving the current rural elite’s governing in modern China.
Keywords/Search Tags:rural elite, villagers’ self-governing, difficulties, strategies
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