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Research On Countermeasure For Rural Government Under The Background Of Rural Elite Loss

Posted on:2013-06-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330374463804Subject:Public Management
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Country is the weak link of government management and the key point of government construction and development. Since from the feudal society, rural elites play an important part in keeping rural stability and stimulating rural development. Now the gap between city and country gets larger and larger, and the situation of elite loss becomes more and more seriously. That arouses fluctuations to rural stability and development. Therefore, elite loss is a big problem in rural government. Solving the rural government problem brought by elite loss will be good to relieve the tension between villagers and rural leaders, realize self-rule of villagers, motivate rural economic development, improve the living standard and quality of villagers and accelerate new rural construction. The paper takes Village A of Jiangxi Province for example. First, the paper summarizes the formation condition of rural elite from the aspect of joining the party, economic capital and family relationship. Then basing on the field research, the paper uses the data and chart to analyze the current situation of elite loss. And then according to the research result and interview record, the paper analyses the reason of elite loss from two sides, person and society, and elaborates the political, economic and cultural influence of Village A brought by elite loss. At the last, the paper gives out some countermeasures for rural government problem from the following five aspects:improving the villager quality, perfecting system, cultivating new rural elite, attracting elite backflow and beyond the elite management mode.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural Governance, Rural Elite, Rural Elite Loss
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