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A Study On The Fire Protection Management Of The Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Posted on:2013-04-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y B ChaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2266330392970676Subject:Public Management
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The fire safety tactics of China’s strategic petroleum reserve base have beenstudied in the paper. According to the related design specification requirements ofpetrochemical enterprise and petroleum depot, major hazard of the strategic petroleumreserve base has been identified. It is concluded that the larger the tank diameter is,the higher the heat release rate is. The greater the fire hazard is, the more difficult thefire-fighting is. If the distance of adjacent tanks is smaller, the firepot thermalradiation is stronger and it is more likely to be ignited. If the greater the capacity ofthe tank is, the time of burning is longer and fire extinguishing dosage consumed willincrease.By analyzing the characteristics of China’s strategic petroleum reserve base, andcomparing the land tank constructions, it is drawn that in our country whether singlecapacity or tank storage, storage tank zone in land is larger in the world and fire risk ishigher. It is a new challenge for fire-fighting of China’s strategic petroleum reservebase construction.The Analysis and comparison of petroleum tank fire control facilities and itsconstruction should be based on petrochemical enterprise’s related standards, whichrequire setting up the fire alarm system, foam fire extinguishing system, tank wallcooling protection system and fire protection embankment.According to tank storage area craftsmanship’s features and operation mode, thegeneral principles of the fire-fighting contingency plan have been put forward. Theorganization, its responsibility and general procedures of fire disposal have also beenspecified. The training and fire drill filing management mode are proposed to makesure that the pre-arranged planning plays a role on the condition of fire danger.Applying McGregor’s "x-y" theory, the supervision strategy of paying equalstress on management and propaganda is analyzed. While strengthening supervisionand management, it is necessary to develop various forms of fire safety education toimprove the citizen’s fire safety awareness.According to the features of tank storage area, and from the perspective ofstrengthening the timeliness of fire control facilities and the reliability of management,the private strategy of fire control supervising and management, and the operation management of fire-fighting technology service company and social supervision arediscussed in the paper.To analyze fighting process technically and explore a variety of model ofcollaborative operation from the view of management, the aim is to improve the firework efficiency and the utilization rate of fire control facilities, which include publicsecurity active fire brigade, the collaboration of fire brigades of local government andenterprises; the tactics synergies of the trinity of ground, naval and air forces’firehouse fire-fighting and rescue techniques; and the collaborative deployment offoam extinguishing agent in the same industry.
Keywords/Search Tags:strategic petroleum reserve, fire risk, fire control supervising andmanagement, fire extinguishments and salvage, cooperativeengagement
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