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Democratic Party Of Lenin And Soviet Ideological Departure From The Soviet Collapse

Posted on:2014-06-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the first socialist country’s ruling party in the world, the communist party of the Soviet union has fade away after75years of ruling.The ups and downs of the communist party of the Soviet union has confused many people in the world. We can see the essential reason of it’s losing lies in it’s failure of the party’s construction in long time, which has leading to it’s disabilities of leading the country’s politics and economic development from the research of Soviet union’s history. As far as its failure of the party’s construction is concerned, one of the most important aspects is its departure of Lenin’s inner-party democracy thought.The Inner-party democracy is one of the important thoughts of Lenin. Lenin respectively in different periods from the principal position of party members and democratic rights, inner-party democracy and the relationship between inner-party democracy and centralization of the inner-party democratic system are discussed in this paper, analysis and research, and formed the Lenin’s theory of inner-party democracy thought, which has formed the precious ruling treasure of the communist party of the Soviet union. Lenin’s inner-party democracy thought had a significant impact on the Russian communist party (Bolshevik)’s own construction, the formulation and implementation of national policies in a certain level. After Stalin took power, focus on personal power, towards authoritarian path at the same time, he started to deviate from Lenin’s inner-party democracy step by step and at the same time gradually abandon the inner-party democracy formed in Lenin period. After Stalin’s death, the communist party of the Soviet Union’s leaders centralized authoritarian in a long time due to failing to break through the highly centralized political and economic culture system formed in Stalin’s era. The long time centralized authoritarian lead to ethos corrupted and all kinds of bad address such as bureaucracy, corruption and privileged group, severe party-mass relationship out of, etc. When Mikhail Gorbachev came to power, he began to paid attention to the "democracy" of the party lost for a long time, but since there is no scruples of Soviet society and the communist party’s reality itself, its extreme democratization reform "restore" Inner-party democracy and at the same time destroyed the Soviet communist party’s ruling status, also push the demise of the Soviet union. This topic takes Lenin’s inner-party democracy thought as its basic premise and clue, explore the departure of inner-party democracy thought by the communist party of the Soviet union respectively from the different periods of the communist party of the Soviet union’s construction and the serious consequences of departing from Lenin’s inner-party democracy thought, and ultimately analysis the deep roots of the demise of the Soviet communist party from the perspective of the ruling party construction.
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