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Allocation Of Township Party And Government Leadership Research

Posted on:2014-05-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z K XiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2266330401958203Subject:Administrative Management
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Leaders of country level party and government are the most grass-roots group of China’s leading cadres in the series,who arealso responsible for the implementation of the party and state policies. It’s also their duties to develop the local economy, manage the local affairs and maintain the local stabilization. The allocation of country leaders group and its structure, their qualities and abilities are all concern with the implementation of policies and the enhancement of the Party’s leadership. It also ties strongly with the operation of their work and the realization of the planning, it decides the ability of local economy development to some certain and also represents the Party and government’s image in people’s mind to large extent.With the gradual deepening of the allocation of local party and government leadership, notable achievements have been made in this regard in a more scientific and systematic manner in recent years which had made local problems can be solved effectively at local. But according to the whole package, some problems still remain among those counties which have been investigated in Cixi, such as coordination and complementary off balance, lack of practical experience, deficient back-up echelon, self-restraint insufficient etc., which all affect the exertion of authority of the core leadership of the local party officialover the development of economy and society. Based on country level and combined with the development experience of Cixi’s counties and related theories, this paper collected the restaffing data of Cixi counties through interviewing, questionnaire survey and analyzed them afterwards, it approached a more scientific and a new way to coping with the practical problems and theoretical research of the allocation of party and government leadership in country level. From the systematic reform point of view, this paper deals with problems remained in restaffing the leading bodies of party committees in the country level. It proposes to optimize the structure of local leadership and better the overall function through foreign-local combination and add just measures to local conditions; to strengthen the strategic nurturing of cadres by establish a comprehensive talents pool and draw in and select diversified talents by all means etc.; to enhance the leadership. There is certain theoretical and practical value to the society.
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