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Research On The Leadership Ability Of Township Leaders In The New Era

Posted on:2020-02-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2436330575966664Subject:Chinese Communist Party
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Township leading cadres account for the highest proportion of party and state cadres,and are also the most basic component.As an important link between the party and the state and the people,they are a two-way hub for reflecting the needs of the people from the bottom up and implementing policies from the top down.The leading ability of township cadres directly affects the ruling foundation of the CPC in the masses and represents the ruling image of the party.The report of the 19 th CPC national congress also put forward for the first time that socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era.It scientifically and accurately grasped the new historical orientation of China's development from the perspective of the development of the party and the country.The new era means the birth of a new mission and the beginning of a new journey.In this paper,on the basis of combing about leadership,combined with the new age of township and village cadres leadership put forward the new requirements,trying to find out the township and village cadres which leadership is more needed for the background of new era,make its implementation to maximize the effectiveness of leadership,to firmly win three big battle,realize the well-off society in an all-round way,and then opened new journey socialist modernization power lay a solid foundation.This paper can be roughly divided into three parts.First of all,the introduction mainly introduces the background and research significance of the topic,as well as literature review and other contents,extending the necessity of studying the leadership ability of township leaders.Secondly,the first part of the text first introduces and defines some relevant concepts,and then introduces the discussion of the leadership ability of several generations of party leaders,laying a foundation for the following specific research.The second part introduces the current situation and problems of the leadership ability of the township leaders in China.The third part discusses the newrequirements on the leadership ability of township cadres in the new era and the influencing factors to improve their leadership ability.The fourth part mainly Outlines the path analysis of improving the leadership ability of township leading cadres in the new era,combined with the analysis of the influencing factors of their leadership ability,and tries to propose specific ways to improve the leadership ability of township leading cadres in the new era.Finally,the conclusion part mainly carries on the final summary sublimation to the thesis content.This paper focuses on the new requirements for the leadership ability of township cadres in the new era and the specific ways to improve their corresponding leadership ability.In terms of research methods,the research mainly focuses on questionnaire survey and literature research.However,due to the limitations of specific conditions,the objects of empirical research are mainly ordinary people,village cadres and staff of party and government organs,and the number of samples is relatively limited.
Keywords/Search Tags:new era, leading cadres of villages and towns, leadership skills, leadership effectiveness
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