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Image Of The Government Shaping The Governance Of Public Crisis

Posted on:2010-05-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360275483903Subject:Administrative Management
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Following along with the transformation of economy and society, our country entered into a period of public crisis which has a high frequency. The public crisis is affecting the entire society with great intensity and breadth. It not only causes the public wealth and the life's loss, the destruction of economic environment, but also induces the disastrous consequences such as the loss of legitimacy and the political turmoil.The SARS Event , Bird Flu and other huge events and dealing with such things mentioned above made the our government realize that public emergency is a big challenge and has heavy effect on government image. And what is more good government image is very important in dealing with the emergencies and has the function of lowing the loss to the least. The article discusses that Public crisis's occurrence, also has brought the difficulty to the government, but simultaneously also has brought the turning point. It is an emergent and key question for government to make innovation of government for controlling and eliminating social harm caused by the public crisis .First, this article discusses the basic conceptions, classification and features of public emergency and government image in order to understand them completely. And then the article discusses the influence and damages of the public emergency on image of the government. In the current our country's management of government image still has many questions such as the weakness of the image sense, the scanty of public relations idea as well as the obstruction of the information communication channel. Finally the paper propose the countermeasure about how to shape a good image of the government during the public crisis on the basis of analysis for the government's image content the factors and the importance of shaping the image of the Government, combining with the characteristics of Home Affairs, applying the basic principles of public relations and science of administration.
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