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Transformation Of Government Functions Constructing Service-oriented Government

Posted on:2015-03-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330428457757Subject:Administrative Management
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At present, our country is in a critical period of reform and development, and toaccelerate the development is facing new requirements、harmony and stability is facingnew challenges、new tasks are facing the crucial reform and opening up to the world isfacing the new situation, which requires the government to further enhance the sense ofresponsibility and mission, to build service-oriented government as to promote scientificdevelopment、achieve ecological development、build a harmonious society and acceleratethe speed of an important guarantee for well-off. But the reality of the development we cansee that even after30years of reform. Although the Chinese government has changed inthe past that under the planned economic system on the economic and social managementis too strict, but there are still one-sided view of development and management governmentpublic service concept led to the " absence", the government’s public service functionalarea blur caused by functions "offside"、" misplaced", and so many urgent problems.So, first we have to study the existing governance model, and put forward someconstructive and innovative advices in order to realize the true transformation ofgovernment functions and build service-oriented government. Secondly, analysis the stageof construction of service-oriented government, summarize the accumulated experienceand methods of currently in preparation for service-oriented government ’s continuousimprovement and construction. Once again, analysis our government’s problems in thebuilding service-oriented government stage process, in order to find the cause of thedeep-seated problems. Finally, combined with the analysis of the existing causes andprovide some comments and suggestions.After the study, taking Jingdezhen as an example, comprehensive analysis of falseadvertising by the construction of service type government, and combined with thesuccessful experience and management model of foreign countries and famous enterprises,given the more reasonable suggestions to solve the problem.
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