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Research On The Transformation Of Government Functions In The Perspective Of Publicity

Posted on:2012-02-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330338471898Subject:Administrative Management
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With the development of market economy, the political system reform of propulsion and civil society healthy growth, China's administrative management system and government function system is facing new challenges. The seventh Congress of the Part puts forward: "accelerate the reform of the administrative system and build a service-oriented government." It emphasizes scientifically defining the government responsibilities, strengthen government social management and public service, establish and perfect the system of service-oriented government functions to build a service-oriented government. To achieve this goal, strengthening the government's public service function, building a public service-oriented government is the inevitable choice of the transformation of government functions. However, owing to the influence of the traditional planned economy system and highly centralized political system, there are still many problems in the transformation of government functions, such as the concept of the transformation of government functions heavy "management" light "service", the government function relations has not straighten out, the government's public service function are weak, functional exercise process lack of citizen participation and so on, In the new period, government functions transformation shoulder heavy responsibilities.Publicity theory emphasizes public spirit, paying attention to public service, pursuit of public interests as the fundamental foothold, provides temporary new perspective and thinking for further deepening administrative management system reform and the transformation of government functions. This paper, starting from the theory of publicity, firstly analyzes the concept of publicity and the contents of government publicity, then analyzes the publicity appeal to the transformation of government functions, namely, in the value concept, with the citizens as the standard, in the means of realization, rational configuration of public power, in the function orientation, emphasizing public service, in the goal orientation, pursuit of public interest. Secondly reviews the course of transformation of our government functions and summarizes achievements which reveals publicity in the transformation of government functions, and then provide experience for the transformation of government functions. Thirdly, from the angle of publicity, analyzes the existing problems in the course of the transformation of government functions, highlight lack of publicity. Finally, according to lack of publicity in the course of the transformation of government functions, puts forward through cultivating public spirit, enhancing the government's virtue, reasonable allocation of public power, straightening out relations, strengthening public service government functions, building public service-oriented government, improving and maintaining public interest, expanding orderly citizen politics participation to reshape government publicity, and promote the transformation of government functions.
Keywords/Search Tags:the transformation of government functions, publicity, service-oriented government, public service, public interest
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