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The Research On Construction Of New Rural Community Based On The People’s Livelihood Improvement

Posted on:2014-06-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The construction of rural community is not only the coordination of economic andsocial development or the needs of the urban and rural development as a whole, but also themeaning of "people-oriented" and realizing "person’s full scale development". Therefore, itis an important aspect of carrying out scientific outlook to develop the rural communityconstruction.In”twelfth five-year” plan, the government proposed "overall urbancommunity construction, and to promote the rural community construction, and to improvethe new type of community management and service system, and make the communityconstruction becoming a orderly management, perfect service, the civilization auspicioussocial life community.” we can see the importance of the rural community construction inthe new period in national development strategy.Currently,the new rural community construction has made remarkable achievements,but there are also many problems, from the analysis of the perspective of people’slivelihood improvement, I think that these problems mainly displays in the following: Thefirst, the rural community construction do not form a complete set with agriculturalindustrial structure adjustment,so that farmers lack of job security; The second ruralcommunity’s location is unreasonable,the cost is too height for residents; Third, the ruralcommunity of residential planning is not scientific,which do not accord with the habit ofpeasants’ lives. Fourth, the rural community construction, which is lacking of necessaryinfrastructure, causes a lot of inconvenience for community residents; Fifth, communityresidents’ participation consciousness is low.Aiming at solving the problems above, from the perspective of improving people’slives, I think we should do according to the following several aspects if we want to promotethe construction of new rural community:First,here should a be scientific planning,including the community development and the adjustment of industrial structure planning,site planning, residential type community planning,etc. Second, we should increase thesupply of public infrastructure in the community, not only refers to the generalinfrastructure, but also includes infrastructure of rural characteristics. Third, we shouldimprove the enthusiasm of farmers to participate in community construction throughvarious channels, Only adhering to the rural community construction and combined withthe actual local, and stick to playing an leading role of government in communityconstruction, and actively listening to the opinions of the community residents, we can havethe finally success in our rural community construction.
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