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The Analysis Of The Evolution Of New China Female Diplomats:from The Perspective Of Social Gender

Posted on:2015-02-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2266330428961978Subject:International relations
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It has been a long time that the international stage and diplomatic fields are dominated by men, and the power is firmly in men’s hand. However, with the development of international politics, more and more women are emerging in the diplomatic stage. And then the diplomatic status\diplomatic contribution and diplomatic influence of women has gained public concern. After the founding of new China, Chinese women’s status has improved significantly,and in the same time there has also been so many outstanding female diplomats in the diplomatic field. Therefor, the rise of women in politics and diplomacy is the focus,which attracts people’s great attention.This article mainly investigates the development of Chinese female diplomat after the founding of new China in the two period(takes the reform and opening up as the watershed), analyzing the factors of the evolution,and make objective judgments of the influence of female diplomats on China’s diplomacy and the international political field with the view of social gender. Besides, this article also tries to put forward the advocacy of "co-govern in both sexes""gender diplomacy".First, this article briefly introduces and summarizes social gender as a research method. In deed, social gender is a very important research perspective in the study of feminist international relations, providing a new method of observing and understanding the international relations. Therefore, gender is an important methodology in this thesis.Secondly, this paper teases out and analyses the diplomacy and foreign policy since the establishment of Chinese from the view of social gender, elaborating the influence of foreign policy and negotiators tend on the women in diplomatic field. Then on the basis of accounting for foreign environment,this paper sorts out and summaries the development of women diplomats in the two different periods after the founding of new China, taking the data and forms as the argument. Thirdly, in order to directly and specially investigate the evolution of female diplomats, we take four women diplomats as examples,making a concrete analysis of the evolution of female diplomats in the two different periods from many aspects such as family background\the way of entering the diplomatic field\diplomatic contribution\diplomatic style\diplomatic status\evaluation etc.Finally, we do system analysis of specific aspects and specific causes of the evolution of female diplomats in new Chinese diplomatic practice. And then it demonstrates the women’s progress and development in the diplomatic field, putting forward the limitations and dilemma in the same time. So in conclusion, aiming at the contradiction between men and women, this article encourage the integration of men and women in the social gender, and ultimately realize the idea of "co-govern in both sexes" and "gender diplomacy". Furthermore, this paper also suggest that in view of that "gender diplomacy" is beneficial for China to promote the concepts of "peaceful rise" and "the harmonious world", the state should give attention and policy support.
Keywords/Search Tags:Female diplomats, Social Gender, Femininity
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