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The Study On The Village Committee Election Of J Z In Hefei City

Posted on:2015-02-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330428964611Subject:Public Management
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Villagers’ autonomy is a national legal system of direct democracy in the rural areas and the system of community governance, the Villagers committee election is the premise and the most important content of villager autonomy, it can most represent the process of rural democratic political construction and level. After30years of practice, the village committee election basically achieved the election publicity, the fairness of competition, and the autonomy of voters, gradually took to the track of the standardization and legalization. However, due to the lack of democracy in the history of our country tradition, and local economic and social development imbalance in reality, The village committee election still exist many problems in the practice operation, facing some challenges.In this paper, according to the theory of political science, sociology and villagers’ autonomy theory as the foundation, putting the village committee election in macro historical background, using methods such as literature review, questionnaire and depth interview, analysis of my home town JZ that all previous general situation of the implementation of the electoral system and the main factors influencing the system implementation. In the field research of village committee elections, analysis of problems existing in the assessment of the election and its impact on the basis of, put forward some countermeasures, so as to provide experience for the next general election of village committee work.The full text iG Jivided into five most:The first chapter, introduction, mainly introduces the selected topic background and significance, Review the related research, and the basic concepts and research methods. The second chapter, the Villagers committee election in the macro background of Chinese history, analysis the village head selection means all men are mortal, elaborate the development of villagers’ autonomy trajectory and the meaning and characteristics of the Villagers committee election. The third chapter, introduce the village situation, history and general situation of all previous village committee election, mainly introduced the eighth live village committee elections, the panorama shows the village committee electoral system of the actual situation in the village. The fourth chapter, through analyzing research results, evaluate the main factors that affect the implementation, existing problems and the reasons of villagers’ committee election puts forward some personal views. The fifth chapter, aiming at the problem of village committee elections reflects, from the macro and micro level the countermeasures to improve the villagers’ committee election.
Keywords/Search Tags:Villagers’ autonomy, the Villagers committee election, Democratic political construction, Hefei
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