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A Study Of The Villagers' Committee Election

Posted on:2011-09-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The villagers'committee election is the most extensive form of practice of our nation's socialist democracy in rural areas, and is also the most important way of the realization of democratic self-government in rural areas. At present, with the acceleration of the construction of the socialist new countryside, farmers have increasingly strong sense of democracy. Therefore, to adapt to the new trend of rural reform and development, to further strengthen and improve the villagers'committee election, to complete election procedures according to the law, and to implement each link of the election in a profound, detailed and practical manner will help the majority of villagers in rural areas to directly exercise their democratic rights according to the law, develop rural grass-roots democracy; closely relate the Party & masses and cadre-masses relations, maintain social harmony and stability; help to mobilize hundreds of millions of farmers to actively participate in building a new socialist countryside and speed up the process of building the well-off society in an all-around way.In recent years, the villagers'committee election is carried out in a deep-going way in each town (street) in Zhenhai District, Ningbo City. Relying on the detailed study of the background when drafting the"Organic Law of the Villagers Committee", combined with the study of relevant articles in "Zhejiang Villagers'Committee Elections Approach", the author has made research on the election of the villagers'committee of Jiulonghu Town based on relevant provisions of the villagers'committee election in Zhenhai District.The villagers'committee election of Jiulonglu Town can be divided into four stages, namely, organizing preparation and publicity, implementation phase of the election, drawing of regulations and systems and the inspection and summary stage. After the previous 4 general elections, the composition of villagers'committee members is more reasonable and its quality has remarkably improved; the overall power of the villagers'committee is strengthened with improved capacity; the training of cadre reserves has been intensified with immense attention from the people; the relationship between the town's Party committee and the village's Party committee and their relationship with villagers have become more harmonious; the democratic awareness and legal sense of the majority of farmers have been further strengthened; All of these serve as the good impetus for the rapid social and economic development of rural areas. But at the same time, problems still exist during the villagers'committee election of Jiulonglu Town, namely, trespassing work of the town's Party committee during the election; influences of the region and clan forces resulting in the existing bribery and canvass; insufficient villagers'enthusiasm toward the election; extremely high election expenses leading to the heavy burden of the town, the village as well as the villagers; bureaucratic tendency of the villagers'committee leading to the transformation of"village affairs"into part-time jobs; and insufficient transparency of village affairs resulting in poor villagers'monitoring performance. The series of problems and conflicts, if not solved timely, will affect social stability and hinder the social and economic development of rural areas in Zhenhai.The year of 2011 is around the corner, facing a new round of villagers'committee elections, the author proposes corresponding countermeasures and suggestions by centering on the four key links of "always adhering to the principle of electing according to the law", "ensuring the democratic rights of the villagers", "creating a good talent employment orientation" and "optimizing the structure of villagers'committees". And they are as follows: firstly, to strengthen the Party's leadership; secondly to strengthen publicity and education; thirdly, to develop the rural economy; fourthly, to strengthen the cohesive force of the villagers'committee; fifthly, to reform electoral methods and to reduce the election cost; and sixthly, to carry out extensive mobilization and collaborate with all departments to properly conduct the election work.
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