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The Reform Of Civil Servant System And The Construction Of The Service-oriented Government

Posted on:2009-01-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J L FengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360272990575Subject:Administrative Management
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Constructing a Service-oriented Government has become one of the important goals of public administration reform in China. The key to the success of the Service-oriented Government is by building a good civil servant system with a matching group of educated civil servants. The promulgation and implementation of The Civil Servant Law of PRC in 2005 has made the civil servant system a strong and lively one. Furthermore, with constant endeavor of improvement, the system has accomplished some achievements. However, it is still far away from the claim of building a Service-oriented Government, and increasingly becoming the institutional bottleneck to push forward the process of Service-oriented Government.This paper consists of three parts:The first part analyzes the relation between the civil servant system and the Service-oriented Government. Starting from the view of the basic theory of the Service-oriented Government, it founds that civil servant is the main body to construct a Service-oriented Government. Moreover, it poses new requirements to the reform of civil servant system.The second part discusses the incompatibility between the reform of civil servant system and the construction of the Service-oriented Government from three different angles: the dominant status of civil servants; the deficiency of system and the restriction of cultural factors.The third part proposes a few suggestions to the ongoing reforms, including: shifting the mindset of civil servants into a people-oriented one; strengthening the civil servant system by reform and innovation; increasing civil servants' ability through massive capacity-building.On the premise that civil servant is on the dominant status of the construction of service-oriented government, This paper brings the current analysis by domestic scholars on the defect of the civil service system into the construction of a service-oriented government; and then discusses the inadaptability of civil servants and its system in the process of the construction of the Service-oriented Government from the perspective of mindset, culture and institution. Furthermore, it gives some suggestions accordingly. From this point of view, it has some values on innovation and systematicness. However, this paper is still lacking some specific empirical analysis throughout the whole discussion, which makes the suggestions seem somewhat weak.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Civil servant system, Service-oriented Government, Dominant Status
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