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Research On The Cultivation Of Civil Servantís Service Spirit From The Perspective Of Service-oriented Government

Posted on:2018-10-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The concept of service-oriented government was influenced by the new public management theory of the West,and the British and the United States took the lead in carrying out the government reform practice and then spread to the western countries and had a positive impact.In recent years,Chinaís local government gradually carried out government administrative reform,and in the process of reform to accumulate some experience,in 2004 Central Party School provincial and ministerial level leading cadres senior class,the concept of service-oriented government for the first time adopted by the central government.Chinaís experts and scholars around the construction of service-oriented government to discuss,research,more and more practical experience and research results have shown that the construction of service-oriented government is the key to the implementation of the spirit of service,and this is the entry point of this article.In the service-oriented government perspective,cultivate the service spirit of civil servants,hoping to have a beneficial effect on the construction of service-oriented government in China.The first chapter mainly introduces the background,significance,review,method and innovation of the research.The second chapter starts from the theoretical aspects of service-oriented government and civil servant service spirit,and then points out the relationship between the two,that is,cultivating the spirit of civil servant service is of great significance to the construction of service-oriented government: cultivating the spirit of civil servant service is building service-oriented government The spirit of cultivating the spirit of service is the basic requirement of building a service-oriented government;cultivating the spirit of civil servant service can improve the efficiency of government work.From the overview of the development of service-oriented government,it is concluded that the service-oriented government of our country is a government with public nature,service,rule of law,responsibility and transparency.The spirit of civil servant service is also deeply influenced by traditional culture "people-oriented" The Marxist theory of public servants,the theory of "serving the people",the new public service and so on.Civil servants should have the spirit of equality,responsibility,innovation and dedication in their work.The third chapter points out that there is a lack of spirit of civil servant service in the process of service-oriented government construction,and this is the starting point of this paper.Through the analysis,it is found that the "four winds" is the realistic factor of the lack of civil service service spirit;the lack of public servant consciousness is the internal factor that lacks the spirit of civil servant service;the lag of legal system construction is the external factor that leads to the lack of civil servant service spirit;The key to enhance the spirit of service.The fourth chapter focuses on the construction of civil servantsí service spirit from three perspectives,strengthens the civil servant management system,improves the civil servant supervision mechanism to strengthen the relevant legal system construction,strengthens the training of civil servant service ability,Improve the quality of civil servants in China,and learn from the advanced cultivation experience of the United States,Singapore and the United Kingdom to strengthen the cultivation of civil servantsí service spirit,so as to promote the construction process of Chinaís service-oriented government.
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