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The Dilemma And Outlet Of Subjective Education

Posted on:2013-02-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330395487981Subject:History of development of Marxism
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With the changeable of globalization and the rapid development of economic and social, eager of era for talent is increasing. The decision as to the future of the country’s first resource, talent quality in the great social background is put forward higher requirements. Develop the awareness and ability of human subjectivity, the development of the human personality, is becoming the theme of the countries in the world of education reform. Marxism on the thought of subjectivity, as a theory of scientific value, no doubt with an integral guiding significance to fully promote the educational practice and play to people’s subjectivity. Therefore, starting from Marx on the thought of subjectivity of the people, the connotation, problems and their solutions of contemporary subjectivity education in-depth discussion, it is to find a way out of the practical significance of subjective education.The first part described by Marx formed a basic process of constructing about their own theory of subjectivity on the basis of absorbing and criticizing the previous thought of subjectivity. To modern philosophy, subjectivity was only referred to the mainstream level, but most of the flow in the abstract representation. Marx inherited the heritage of Western Subjectivity Thought, constantly critical absorbed into the Marxist theory of subjectivity, making the scientific and practical theoretical masterpiece.The second part of the philosophical level with Marx subjectivity adapt the education sector for the subjectivity of all the time going. Many scholars interpret the connotations of subjective education from all angles, I also in this regard the personal views expressed by the Construction and toward the subject of education, should stand at the main position of the students to analyze. The times call for people as the main independent, dynamic, creative way to participate in the modernization, the practical needs of people freed from the shackles of traditional education, as an individual independent existence. Education as the torch of personnel training should continue to seek the perfection of subjectivity, complete and mature individuals trained to the needs of the community’s talents.The third part is a key part of this article. The plane of the examination-oriented education, status loss and subjectivity of the student body over-expansion brought about by the lack of subjectivity, so that we gradually see the mandatory production process of the education training only mode meticulously production of "robot". The pan-politicization of education and utilitarianism driven teaching and learning activities into the students lose the spirit of self-awareness and value judgments cage.The fourth part is also the full text of a key. To reform education,"no one" situation, independent of education in economic and social reform of education content and tools, starting from the actual needs of students, comprehensive training to the students’ innovative spirit and practical ability in the theory of subjectivity under the guidance of Marxism. Classroom teaching in a good atmosphere to create the position of student body and to help students develop conscious activity, the teacher-student relationship between the subject as an embodiment and a central element of education between the subject. Fully nurture and mobilize both the subjectivity and creativity in the interactive activities, dialogue and understanding, communication and blend between in the subject to achieve the perfect show, and deduced more and more harmonious and unified on the path of quality-oriented education with deep-level exchanges.
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