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The Study On The Operation Of Social Capital About Becoming Teachers

Posted on:2012-03-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the blooming development of the higher education in china, there is a dramatic increase in the number of university graduates, which would inevitably lead to the serious problem of unemployment. To some extend, the operation of social capital has become one of the important way in seeking of employment. Based on the view of Social Capital Theory, we start from acquiring an occupation of being a teacher to study about how the Social Capital operates. After deeply interviewing graduated college students who now works as compulsory education teachers in P district, Shanghai2009, we can analyze and conclude that how social capital really operates in acquiring an occupation of being a teacher which including reason and ways which means why, when and how it plays an important role in.This paper explains the research background, reviews and studies the present status. At the same time, it also has a reference review, describes the meaning of researched topics and the study method as well as the analytical framework and innovation; Secondly, the process which teachers obtaining their occupational attainment is divided into the teaching employment information acquisition phase, employment opportunities phase and professional status obtaining phase, then the phenomenon of social capital operation is summarized; Thirdly, according to the tightness of the social network and the type of the network between job seekers and the related persons, the paper studies ways of the operation of social capital; Finally, according to the micro job seeking behavior-middle-level social networks-the macro social system and culture which in a static social structure, the reason of social capital operates in the college students occupational attainment process were analyzed.As a result, the paper mainly draws the following conclusions:Firstly, the occupational attainment is trends from choosing an occupation to taking up an occupation. No matter of what phase we are experiencing, such as acquiring information of an occupation, acquiring opportunities of an occupation or attaining status of an occupation, Labor Market mechanism and Social Capital operate together tightly to distributor the involved resource when acquiring an occupation. So a changing of Resource distribution strategy fully matched with logic of a rational behavior, lower investment to gain higher returns; Secondly, the operational mode of social capital in the occupational attainment process, is mainly based on human-relationship exchange, while the material-exchange may also plays an supplementary role; this phenomenon increasingly shows the tendency of instrumental rationality. The mode of social capital in the occupational attainment, along with its impact on the employment outcomes, not only reveals production and reproduction of capital, but also shows the interaction between social-structure and individual activity; Thirdly, occupational attainment process reflects the micro job seeking behavior-middle-level social networks-the macro social system and culture which in a static social structure, but it also reflects the dynamic interplay of social action process with the interaction of factors at all levels. Relationship-oriented social and cultural and imperfect Graduate Employment Policy provided the conditions for the operation of social capital. The current "Social Capital Operational Space" Theory still needs further improvement.
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