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A Study Of Grassroots Academic Organization Innovation At Teaching-Oriented Universities

Posted on:2013-08-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C Q CongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330398965704Subject:Public administration
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As basic units for nurturing talents, promoting research and social service, grassroots academic organizations has a direct bearing on the quality and development of universities. The existing academic organizations at universities are no longer compatible with the rapid development of higher education in China due to their uniformity, narrow-functionality, low efficiency and dynamism. In recent years the innovation of such organizations has been gaining ever-increasingly wide attention, though little serious research has been done in this respect. The problems with grassroots academic organizations at teaching-oriented universities are particularly serious and typical. Drawing upon modern organizational theory, university governance theory, the paper proposes several hypotheses regarding the value and roles of grassroots academic organizations at universities, and regarding the way they function. With typical high-quality universities as samples, it generalizes the fundamental features, operation, and existing problems of grassroots academic organizations at teaching-oriented universities, which prove the hypotheses in question. With structure, power, work, membership and faith as points of departure, it argues that universities should balance research and teaching, administrative power and academic power, re-channel multi-tasks and functions, facilitate the interaction between the organizations and their members, and promote the dynamism of those organizations.
Keywords/Search Tags:University governance, Teaching-oriented universities, Grassrootsacademic organization, Organizational structure
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