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The Study Of Oold Mongolian Children’s Traditional Game

Posted on:2014-09-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The paper is consisting of five parts:introduction, three main chapter, conclusion, bibliography and appendix.The introduction part is includes research survey, research objective and research methods.The first part,"Motional Game", studies the generality of taboo and symbolic of Shaga Nadam, Chagan Mud Hayah Nadam in the Oold Mongol, XinJing. The reasons of the entertaining character of some traditional game over the folk customs are also studied in this part.The second part,"Enterprising Game" which divide the traditional children’s game of Oold Mongol, XinJing, into material game and intellectual game, is according to some game such as "Yisun Chooji Tailax Nadam","Doloon Mud Bultuulh Nadam" analyzes the history, religions, folk customs to study the cultural thought of Oold Mongol, and how they teach their children to get knowledge and experience, to observe things carefully, to increase enterprising skill according to teach the traditional game.The last part-"Language Game" is going to analyze the reasons of the words of children’s game in Oold Mongol, which listed in the teaching material, according to the promoting functions such as improve children’s expressing ability, enhancing vocabulary, self-recognization and independent ability of the game words, it is concluded that the Language Game is helpful to children’s intellectual development, self-conscious and knowledge-increasing.The paper is concluded as follows:Although the Oold Mongolian children’s game is still has traditional character and symbolic meaning in activity, its entertaining character is outstanding than the generality of taboo because of environmental change, social development and production mode. Also, the Language Game is helpful to children’s development, awareness and to improve their knowledge at young.
Keywords/Search Tags:Oold Mongol, children’s game, customs, transmissionand changing
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