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Status And Problems County Educational Supervision

Posted on:2014-07-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330401469528Subject:Education Policy
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Education supervision is an important part of educational management, and is supervision, examination, evaluation and guidance of education, the purpose of which is to promote the improvement and development of education effectively. Education supervision at the county level is the root of the whole education supervision system, and its current practice has far-reaching influence on the education supervision system, and reflects the overall level of educational supervision in our country in certain degree. The State Council promulgated the " Regulations " educational supervision in September2012, and it marks the education supervision in China is on the legal road. The specific work of the Ordinance on the county’s education supervision is to be further clarified, county’s education supervision face new historical opportunities and challenges.Based on research and interviews, the current situation of F county education supervision has been researched. F county educational supervision practical situation understood deeply, the existing problems and reasons analyzed, on which based the countermeasures and some suggestions are proposed. The aim of the research is to make the county’s education supervision perfect further, function well.This thesis consists of four chapters. The first chapter is a summary of our country education supervision at the county level, mainly combs the development course of education supervision at the county level. Through the relevant laws and regulations and the policy analysis, the construction, education supervision institution at the county level supervision content and supervisors are explained. The second chapter is the current situation of F education supervision operation, mainly related to socio-economic status, education, education supervision in F county. The third chapter is the analysis of problems and the causes of F County Education supervision. The fourth chapter is the countermeasures and suggestions on the reform and development of education supervision at the county level.
Keywords/Search Tags:Education supervision at the county level, Status, Problems, Countermeasures and suggestion
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