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Family Characteristics,Entry Of Key Universities And Undergraduates’ Future Choice

Posted on:2014-01-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330401469989Subject:Administrative Management
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China’s higher education continues to expand in the context of social structure transformation and the development of science and technology. But with the social stratification and the popularization of higher education, who benefits, who receives ore and better education and who therefore becomes "ahead"? In the seemingly reasonable premise "all are equal before the scores", individual access to higher education has not always been consistency, but closely with the household registration, family background and other ascribed factors of respective family. Is it to promote fair or widen the gap? The family is not only all activities of individual is relying on but the smallest unit of social life. To some extent, the characteristics of a family, parents’ occupation, education, social status, income and other aspects of the detailed characteristics reflects social status and overall condition of the family. There will always be long-term impact of family characteristics for different students on higher education and graduation whereabouts. With reference to relevant to research studies, to what extent does the family characteristics influence key university enterance and graduate employment status and industry access? Which characteristic factor has greatest impact? These are all hot spots worthy of our study and exploration.In this paper, we use multidiscipline research, educational sociology, labor economics and public administration theories, qualitative and quantitative research combined with literature and field research, extensive collection of relevant literature at home and abroad to analyze the influencing factors. Four universities in Zhejiang and Yunnan provinces as an example, through field survey, empirical investigation data description and test and Probit regression analysis, this paper focuses on the effects of household register, parental years of schooling, parents’cadre identity and other aspects of family characteristics on their childrens’opportunities into key university and employment status and industry entry. We make a quantitative analysis of each influence factor and find that urban household registration, better educated father (mother), father (mother) cadre status will have a positive effect on key universities entrance and graduate whereabouts, though the degree of influence differs slightly in two selected provinces. This is a useful empirical opportunity to explore the realistic diversity of receiving high quality higher education and graduate development among students from different families in the background of university enrollment expansion.It also helps to reveal the fairness of education and employment, explore practical ways to narrow differences and promote social harmony.
Keywords/Search Tags:Family Characteristics, Key universities enterance, Employment status, Industrialchoice of employment, Educational equality
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