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Current Situation And Countermeasure Of Culture-curriculum Construction Of Tourism Management Major In Secondary Vocational School

Posted on:2014-11-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330401490758Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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In recent years, with the support of our country’s policy, secondary vocationaleducation make great progress on development, professional curriculum constructiongradually develops in the right path, but compared with specialized courses, thedevelopment of culture curriculum still have some difficulties,especially in terms ofspecific major, which is in great trouble. However culture curriculum still plays greatimportant roles under the development of secondary vocational education, thus thesubject on cultural construction of tourism management come to my studying view.First of all,this study takes a new round of secondary vocational transformationof education as the background, which takes superiority on tourist city ofQinhuagdao. In reference to the basis of predecessors’ research on Secondaryvocational culture curriculum developing history,tracking back to Late Qing dynasty,the republic of china and new China,which analyzes the historical tradition of thesecondary vocational culture curriculum orientation and discuss the importance ofcultural curriculum in different periods, and further analyses the various factorsaffecting factors on secondary vocational culture curriculum orientation, and basedon aims of education,characteristics of secondary vocational tourism managementexplicit the recent cultural courses orientation.Secondly, this research adopts the sampling survey combining with interviewmethods to investigate the teachers and students under the major of tourismmanagement, from different aspects such as orientation of cultural curriculum, thecontent of cultural curriculum, the implementation of cultural curriculum and theevaluation of cultural curriculum to clarify the current in situation on construction ofsecondary vocational culture tourism management professional course, and furthermore, on the basement of the investigated situation, the research analyze the mainproblems and the reason of the problems which include orientation of culturalcurriculum, the content of cultural curriculum, the implementation of culturalcurriculum and the evaluation of cultural curriculum. Finally, the main idea ofresearch is to promote the development of on secondary vocational culture tourism management, and wish through this study to provide some suggestions on culturalcurriculum construction on the major of tourism management in secondaryvocationalschools.
Keywords/Search Tags:secondary vocational school, tourism management major, cul ture-curriculum, course construction, countermeasures
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