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On The Formation Of Teachers Educational Wisdom

Posted on:2014-11-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Educational activities shoulder the responsibility of cultivating talent, and passing down human civilization since its creation. The emergence of educational activities embody the human wisdom.As the development of the society, people start to have higher expectation on education. As an activity of enhancing the development of people’s psychological and physical development, education requires the involvement of wisdom.Only with the guidance of wisdom, educational activity can radiate the vigor of life, and fulfill its mission of cultivating people’s ability. Teacher is the key guide during educational activities, and the key person in guiding the psychological and physical development of students.Teachers, who are regarded as one of the most important elements in educational activity, play an important role in the course of educational activity development. Thus, the whole society starts to focus on the improvement of teachers’ quality. Educational wisdom is gradually becoming one of the important categories in educational theory research.In fact, there is a lack of teachers’ educational wisdom in educational practice. Teachers’ lack of educational wisdom will hinder the improvement of their quality, realization of educational purpose, and also prevent the implementation of educational theory into practice.Chapter one is the introduction, in which questions are raised, based on thinking of the realization of educational purpose, the realization of teachers’ self-value, and the actualization of educational knowledge, thus, the study of teachers’ educational wisdom has been raised. Good to realize the purpose of education, cannot do without the educational wisdom of teachers is closely related to realize self value; formation of teachers and teacher education wisdom, process of teacher education is the process of teacher’s wisdom form self value realization. The methods and meaning of the study is defined based on the understanding the study situation of educational wisdom domestic and overseas after the consultation and summary of relevant documents,Chapter two starts from analyzing the connotation and character of wisdom, and elaborates them. Then the elements of educational wisdom are defined, which include educational sense, educational sensibility, and educational art.Educational wisdom means that teachers are guided by educational sense, motivated by educational sensibility, and arrange the creativity of teaching activities artfully. Educational wisdom is the combination of knowledge, ethics, and practicality, and the embodiment of the truth, the good and the beautiful.Educational sense reflects the authenticity of educational wisdom, educational sensibility embodies the virtue of educational wisdom, and educational art reflects the aesthetics of educational wisdom.Chapter two also further analyzes the possibility and necessity for teachers’to cultivate the educational wisdom. The wisdom can only guide education if teachers have educational wisdom.Chapter three discusses the formation of educational wisdom. Educational knowledge is the foundation of the formation of teachers’ educational wisdom, and reflective educational practice is the effective pathway of the formation of educational wisdom.In addition, the formation of educational wisdom requires support of the system. Schools should improve their management system and evaluation system to create good atmosphere for teachers to form educational wisdom. The formation of educational wisdom is the key of the realization of the actualization of educational knowledge, and also enables teachers to gain a new role as educational engineer.
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