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Reserch On "2+1" Talent Training Mode Of Guangdong Province

Posted on:2014-09-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the continuous development of China’s economy, higher education is more and more popular.As an important part of the higher education, higher vocational education is getting increasing attention from the society. The development of higher education is constrained by the quality of higher vocational education in our country to a certain extent. In order to improve the quality of vocational education, a talent training mode which is suitable for China’s development must be built. The problem arises in the personnel training mode is not only an educational problem, but also a social issue, it is directly related to the process of the development of higher vocational education and the stability and prosperity of social and economic development in our country.This paper conducts a preliminary study on the "2+1" talent training mode of Guangdong Province. By means of various methods of literature research, comparative studies and empirical analysis,this article makes an in-depth analysis on the basic theory of talent training mode of vocational colleges and the successful experiences of talent training mode of vocational colleges domestic and overseas.It also analyzes the existing problems in the "2+1" talent training mode of Guangdong higher vocational education.And on this basis, it puts forward some opinions and suggestions, to further improve the training mode and to promote the quality and the development of Guangdong higher vocational education.What’s more,it provides certain reference for the higher vocational colleges in other province. The contents of the thesis consists of five chapters.In the first chapter, it puts forward the research background,research significance and the research idea, then it combs and summarizes the research trends of the training mode at home and abroad. In the second chapter, according to the application of "2+1" talent training mode in Guangdong area, this chapter provides a comprehensive description of "2+1" talents training guidelines, training objectives, characteristics and other aspects of the model.In chapter three, basing on the state of development of the higher vocational education of our country at present, this chapter states the necessity of implementing the "2+1" talent training mode,further more,it analyzes and summerizes the problems appear during practice and find out the cause of the problems. At the same time, a correlational study was designed to examine several typical personnel training mode overseas and to find out the same nature.To provide some references to developing and perfecting the training mode for China.In the fourth chapter, by the analysis of the problems and reasons in the "2+1" talent training mode in practicing, and the experience of talents cultivation of higher vocational education mode at home and abroad, it respectively from the government level, school level and cooperation level to propose some countermeasure and advice, to further improve and promote the "2+1" talent cultivation mode of higher vocational education in Guangdong Province. Chapter five is the conclusion of this paper and the prospects of the future research..
Keywords/Search Tags:Higher vocational colleges, Talent training, Cooperation between colleges andenterprises, "2+T" Mode
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