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An Experimental Study On Strength Training On Young Football Player Overhead Stroke Skill Development

Posted on:2014-04-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330422457983Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Football movement is in rapid development, so there are more and more requirements onfootball players’ competitive abilities, especially their physical abilities. Now how to improvefootball players’ physical abilities has become a hot topic all over the world. In recent years,China Football Association has paid much attention to improving football players’ physicalabilities, and invited FIFA football physical training instructors to train domestic footballphysical ability coaches in a long term, which develops our coaches’ vision and makes themlearn more advanced physical training ideas and methods, especially core strength trainingmethod.The thesis, in view of the core strength training method, carries on a detailedquantitative implementation, monitoring and comparison of the teenager football strengthtraining in order to explore more efficient training methods; it tests and records the teenagerfootball players’ heading ball ability and makes a detailed comparison and analysis on thedata during the experiment to establish a scientific evaluation system of teenager footballplayers’ heading ball abilities. It hopes that the study can maximize the competitive potentialof the teenager football players.The thesis, by means of expert interviews, literature review, experimental method anddata statistics, makes an experimental research, analyses and evaluates the influence of thecore strength training method on the heading ball ability of teenager football players. Taking30teenagers of Shenyang North Young Football Team of (U-17) as the experiment objects,an experiment was done for8weeks. The author tracked the trainings and tests, and strictlycontrolled the experimental conditions, finally then got the data. After the data were analyzed, some conclusions are made.1. After8weeks of traditional strength training of the standard group, there is asignificant difference on the data about the ability of heading balls in place before and afterthe experiment, but there is no obvious difference in the other three indicators before andafter the experiment.2. After8weeks of core strength training of the experimental group A, there is noobvious difference on the data of the ability of heading balls before and after the experiment,but there is a significant difference on the data of the human imbalance capacity and head balltest before and after the experiment.3. After8weeks of both core strength training and the traditional strength training of theexperimental group B, there is an obvious difference on the index of the ability of headingballs in place, heading balls under imbalance and in competing for head balls before and afterthe experiment.4. Through the comparison between the standard group and the experimental group A, itis proved that traditional strength training method is more effective in making progress onheading balls in place, and the core strength training method is better for jumping up for theball under imbalance and competing for head balls.5. Through comparison between the standard group and the experimental group B, thereis no significant difference between the abilities of jumping up for heading balls underimbalance, but the ability of competing for head balls has much difference between groupsbefore and after the experiment.6. Through the comparative analysis between the experimental group A and theexperimental group B, it has showed a big difference on the ability of heading balls in place. But there is no significant difference between jumping up for head balls under imbalance, andcompeting for head balls.
Keywords/Search Tags:Teenager football player, core strength, Traditional powerAbility of heading balls
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