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Study On The Evaluation Of Ningbo-Zhoushan Coastal Sports Leisure Tourism Resources And Optimization Of Its Products

Posted on:2014-11-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H WenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330422465556Subject:Humanities and sociology
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Ningbo-Zhoushan region (hereinafter referred to as Yongzhou area) is one ofareas whose resources of coastal sports leisure tourism is very rich in our country,especially after Zhejiang marine economy core demonstration area rises as a nationalstrategy, the rapid development of coastal sports leisure tourism has become the focusof scholars. Coastal sports leisure tourism resources is as the object to carry outcoastal sports leisure tourism activity and material basis, plays a decisive role to thecoastal sports leisure tourism development. If the coastal sports leisure tourism in aregion want to be developed perfectly, the first step is to evaluate at a full range oftourism resources in this area; and on this basis, we can propose a scheme to theoptimization of coastal sports leisure tourism products.This paper is based on "classification, investigation and evaluation of tourismresources"(the national standard classification) to evaluate and classify the coastalsports leisure tourism resources in Yongzhou area, And then the tourism resourcescomprehensive factor system evaluation method and the "three three six" evaluationmethod were introduced as quantitative and qualitative methods to conduct acomprehensive evaluation on regional coastal sports leisure tourism resources; on thisbasis, put forward optimization strategy of Yongzhou coastal sports leisure tourismproduct. The main contents of this paper are as follows:The first, to introduce research progress of foreign and domestic part of leisuretourism, coastal leisure tourism, coastal sports and leisure tourism, the basic conceptand theory of coastal sports leisure tourism resources evaluation.The second, make the Yongzhou leisure tourism resources classification on thebasis of the national standard, then, according to the classification, give a qualitativeevaluation and quantitative evaluation of tourism resources. Qualitative evaluation,including the qualitative evaluation of the tourism resources and developmentconditions of tourism resources of qualitative evaluation. The quantitative evaluation of tourism resources is based on quantitative evaluation of single.The third, on the foundation of Yongzhou coastal leisure sports tourism resourcescomprehensive evaluation and classification of Yongzhou sports leisure tourism resources,and the author still use the "three three six" evaluation method as the qualitative evaluationof resources. Based on all the evaluations of coastal sports leisure tourism resources inYongzhou area, the author analyze the problems of product and the reasons, then, putsforward the optimization strategy.
Keywords/Search Tags:evaluation of tourism resources, coastal leisure sports, optimization of products
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