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Analysis Of The Characteristics And Consequences Of Rural Population Structure

Posted on:2015-01-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the advancement of urbanization, a great number of surplus labors in rural area of our china begin to transfer to urban. So it highlight the phenomenon of rural hollowization, especially rural population hollowization. Transfer of labor force has changed the original rural population structure, and made the problem of rural population structure appearred gradually. Rural population structure means:according to rural people’s own characteristics, it can be divided into different parts,then to discover the internal proportional and mutual relations between each of them. According to rural people’s nature and society characteristics, we can divide it into rural population natural structure and social structure. The problem of rural population structure impeded it develop in normal way.Above all,this research take the population structure theory and the population sustainable development theory as a foundation,use methods such as real diagnosis analysis,qualitative analysis and comparative analysis etc.,elaborate the definition and charateristics of the population structure and its internal ralations between each of subsystem,indicate the problems of the rural population structure,then propose some suggestions to make the rural population structure develop in a normal way.This research is divided into six parts.The first part is an introduction,which is mainly expound the background of this research,the significance, literature review,research methods,theoretical basis and research approach.The second part is an introduction of background.It introduces the basic situation of village,historical changes and changes in population structure.The third and fourth part is to analyse the rural population natural structure and social structure of H village.The third part is elaborate the rural population age structure and sex structure,while the fourth part is to analyse social structure which includes family structure ofThe fifth part is to analyse the social consequences which contain the social consequences of left-behind population,the development of agriculture and the whole countryside.The last part is to provide the policy thinking from three aspects which are economy, social welfare and civilization.
Keywords/Search Tags:rural hollowization, the rural population structure, nature of the ruralpopulation structure, society of the rural population structure
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