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District Of Beijing Implementation Of The "Sports, Arts2+1Project" In Sports Survey Research

Posted on:2015-02-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330425494258Subject:Humanities and sociology
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In recent years,with the declining physical fitness of students and quality educationreform to development,the physical health of students caused extensive concern of the wholesociety,the reform of school physical education curriculum in urgent need to solve the currentsituation of students’ physical decline. In order to better implementation of quality education,cultivate the habit of exercise,to promote the healthy growth of the students,and strengthenthe physique,the office of Ministry of education in2011formally issued in the compulsoryeducation stage school notice “sports,art2+1project”.In this paper, based on the previous studies, using the method of literature,questionnaire, expert interview, mathematical statistics and other research methods,investigation of the development status and the operation process of Beijing city schools“sports,art+1project”in sports in question,analyzes the influence on students to implementthe notification the requirements of the school PE option,and aiming at the implementation ofthe Beijing city school,“sports, art2+1” extensive development put forward for reference,some suggestions. This study draws the following conclusions:1.The implementation of the Beijing urban schools ’ sports, arts2+1Project "in the sport’s survey showed that: under the notification requirements issued more than two years sincethe school sports programs carried out with the support of school leaders, teachers andparents students choose to participate in sports skill level has increased compared to before.Students interested in participating in sports to choose a way for students to master specificsports skills, improve their physical fitness, lifelong sports consciousness play a positive rolein promoting.2.The implementation of the notification requirements are not based on the actualsituation of the school and some schools to optimize the teaching of traditional sports, andsome schools still maintain its sports teaching mode." Sports, Arts2+1" project still existsome problems in the implementation, the main venue, inadequate investment in equipmentand other hardware conditions, lack of teaching and training experience younger teachers,physical education teachers structure is irrational, the lack of female physical educationteachers and the proportion of part-time teachers too large a problem and needs to beaddressed in the reform.3.PE teacher as a facilitator of project implementation, the need to improve theirthinking and understanding. Part of a physical education teacher believes that current conditions do not allow such issues do not need to let students choose to participate in sports,thus preventing further notice. Also, due to the pressure of entrance examination, parentshave the option to guide students in utilitarian process. Therefore, young people want tohave a healthy body requires the joint efforts of the whole society.4.In order to ensure the "2+1Project " in the smooth development of sport in Beijing,you must create a "2+1Project," a new mode of implementation and management of theschools according to the actual situation, design a scientific evaluation system, create a "2+1Project "Sports development of new models.
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