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Core Stability Of Students Athletes

Posted on:2014-12-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At this stage, our school sports including physical education, physical exercise, sports team training, sports competitions in four parts. Which sports team training is a continuation of Physical Education, bear talents for sports schools in training mission is to train outstanding sports teams of the "pyramid" basis, is the provision of sports reserve talents of protection, but also the physical education teachers work in schools to achieve self-worth, win society, school support and attention indispensable component. School after school sports teams do a good job training, is to carry out curriculum of the spirit of sport, by stimulating interest in sport, students lifetime sports consciousness. In order to improve the effect of exercise training, must pay attention to the selection, emphasis on scientific training methods; present, including core stability training workouts, including new methods have been applied to the sports teams of each project, the researchers pointed out that the quality of core stability improve, enhance athletic performance for high school students is also of great significance, there have been many high school teams means of the application of this method and training philosophy. Based on the students raise the level of competitive sports, we tried on the students athletes core stability qualities with age and gender, and the relationship between morphological index correlation. Thus the selection of sports training and advanced methods in high school sports teaching provided constructive comments.Purposes:The high school and junior high school core stability and body shape indicators experimental design and analysis of the correlation between the two; Meanwhile, both core stability with age, gender statistics, and test each other exists between the impact.Methods:In this paper the use of literature, experimental and mathematical statistics, comparative analysis, the core stability and body shape, age, gender, experiments were carried out studies to Tianjin Experimental High School Middle School and two students as experimental subjects, We randomly selected80students (high school boys and girls of the20, the first two days of the20boys and girls), the body of the object through the experimental measurement of morphological some indicators and core stability index for laboratory testing, comparative analysis between the two relationship. Results:1Through pilot testing analysis, quality of male and female subjects’ core stability there is no significant difference in the quality of gender on core stability no significant effects.2The experimental test analysis, the17-year-old and13-year-old subjects core stability quality is not there was a significant difference in the quality of that age on core stability effects are not significant.3The experimental test and analysis, the subjects body and core stability indices in quality between the different correlation.Conclusion:1Gender and age on the quality of students core stability athletes had no significant effect.2The body morphology index and middle school students before athletes core stability quality correlation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Sex, Age, Body Shape, Students Athletes, Core Stability Qualities, Impact
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