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The Study Of Chinese Families Multidimensional Poverty Based On Chns

Posted on:2015-02-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As one of the worldwide problem, poverty has been plagued by governments around the world. With the development of industrialization, urbanization and globalization, the poverty problem showed the characteristics of the new era in today’s urban and rural dual structure. State and local government poverty alleviation and development, must carry on the first task is to identify the poor, only accurately identify the poor, is likely to make poverty alleviation and development policies benefiting the poor people. It collected the three years2004,2006and2009samples of household survey data which provided by the China Health and Nutrition Survey database, and used the Alkire and Foster multidimensional poverty measurement multidimensional poverty measure for Chinese family.In order to measure poverty and its multidimensional Chinese families do further correlation decomposition. First, according to the China health and nutrition survey of family needs data to establish multidimensional poverty dimensions, extracting value on every family in every dimension, and then define a poverty standard for each dimension, in accordance with the criteria to determine whether each family there are dimensions of poverty. Second, calculate the different dimensions of poverty incidence and average deprivation shares, then come to the multidimensional poverty index. Then this article according to the dimension, cities and provinces to multidimensional poverty index decomposition, but also separate the urban and rural internal multidimensional poverty index measurement and comparison, a comprehensive system to observe the multidimensional poverty of the family. Finally, in view of the measurement results of three years2004,2006and2009, to the whole family as well as dynamic within the urban and rural poverty problem and trend analysis, can clearly reflect the family poverty in change of our country.According to the Chinese family multidimensional poverty empirical research in this paper, the following basic conclusions are drawn:Chinese families now still exist different dimensions of poverty, including sanitation health insurance and education contributed most to the multidimensional poverty index; According to urban and rural decompose the multidimensional poverty index, found that urban and rural areas of multidimensional poverty index declined, but rural contribution rate is on the rise, widening in the gap in urban and rural areas; Decompose the multidimensional poverty index according to provinces, discovered in Guizhou, Henan’s contributions to the multidimensional poverty index the highest, most severely the multidimensional poverty.
Keywords/Search Tags:multidimensional poverty, the incidence of poverty, MPI, decomposition
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