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The Enlightenment To Language Education Of Mo Yan

Posted on:2015-01-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With Mo Yan winning the Nobel Prize for Literature, Mo Yan is very hot in many areas. In language education, language education and Mo Yan has become a hot topic. Although Mo Yan has not received language education system in the literature when he was in the school, he has achieved great success. Whether the successful road of Mo Yan enlightened the effective ways to learn our language? Was it exposed the long-standing problem in language education in schools? Actually, it not only taught us a lot to think about language learning and language education, language education concept of Mo Yan is also worth learning and reflection. Though he has never been engaged in secondary language education, nor is education expert, Mo Yan was able to experience himself as a mirror, combined with the young students’ language learning and contemplated language education from the perspective of the writer, drawing a lot of insights. As his reading concept, writing concept, and humanistic educational goals and so on, are a valuable asset that today’s language can learn in all areas of education. Research of this thesis, namely focuses on effective ways to explore language learning road from Mo Yan’s talent; makes a reasonable scientific comment on the concept of language education of Mo Yan’s; observes how the success and language education of Mo Yan has made practical guide to contemporary Chinese language education.There are five parts of the paper. The introduction describes the origin, object of study, subject status of research papers writing, and background research. The first chapter discusses Mo Yan and his language education suffered. It introduces Mo Yan’s language education in primary and secondary school, and analyzes the impact of his hard-working self-studying roughly from his education experience, as well as his language teachers, especially for Mo Yan’s literary enlightenment. The second chapter analyzes his concept of language education. First, it is the concept of reading. Mo Yan stressed that teenager was the golden age of reading, and reading object is classic works, reading to the depth and breadth of the state. Second, it is the writing concept. Mo Yan considered reading has a key role to the writing. Observation of life is the foundation of writing. Writing should have focused and pay attention to real attention to detail. Finally, Mo Yan on language education goals is humanities, that is humanistic understanding of quality training. The third chapter discusses Mo Yan and language education reforms. First, this paper thinks about adding the works of Mo Yan in language teaching situation after his winning of the prize. Second, from the point of his experience and language education concept view, the primary task of language teaching is to enhance students’ interest in reading, and to develop the good habit of reading their lifetime. Finally, combining with language education situation and problems over the years, it points out that the key objective of language education is humanistic, even in the larger environment-oriented education, it can not distort the educational goals. Successful language education is a long-term,and it must take "cultivating thinking, talent, human mind person" as the goal. The conclusion once again stresses Mo Yan and his having won the Nobel prize and his educational experience as a writer and writing language learning success has brought us a lot to think about language learning and language education. It is worthy of learning in our educational practice, education reform.
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