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Research On The Mother’s Images In Chinese Teaching Materials Used In High Schools And Mother’s Education Strategies Towards High School Students

Posted on:2015-02-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Take effective methods of education in personality, emotion during the formation of middle school students, it is the requirement of the times and the need for. On the education of middle school students in the role of the mother, an indispensable effect on middle school students, the mother image generated allow all doubt. Not only that, the mother image in Chinese Textbooks in middle schools in the influence of adolescent students also cannot be ignored. In this paper, the image of mother throughout, a detailed classification to the mother image in Chinese Textbooks of middle school students as the research object, to investigate the effect of the image of mother mother image and life in textbooks for middle school students, and to explore the mother of middle school education strategy, hoping to promote the healthy growth of students.The thesis consists of five parts:The first part is the introduction, summarizes past research results, the mother image in rich the mother image of the study, the rational understanding mother, summarizes the research object, the selected topic background and significance.The second part, the mother image in middle school language teaching material analysis. Starting from the middle school language teaching material, mother image for interpretation of the materials involved in the classification, and analysis its reason for the difference between the character. From the mother image in this paper can be concluded that the mother image changes over time, and also contains the life behind these changes, the change of ideas, and thus conveys different life modality to the world.The third part, mainly discusses the image of mother effect on middle school students. The celebrity case at all times and in all countries as influenced by her mother to achievement, show significant mother on the growth of middle school students. Secondly, combined with the image of mother in contact with life, work, and the mother images of teaching material, analysis is different because of the mother image to affect students’ positive or negative. Finally, hope mother can face their own shortcomings, set a good example to give students, for their growth to a beneficial effect.The fourth part, mainly explore mother of middle school education strategy. First clear the fact that, many mothers in the reality of the education of middle school students be at a loss what to do, or method is not proper.Secondly, science and technology has become more and more advanced, more and more temptations in society, the mother of education in middle school is particularly important. Thirdly, left-behind children into a special existence in modern society, a lot of left-behind children missing character, mother away, exacerbated by their education difficulty. Based on these problems,The part of a combination of teaching material in the mother summed up the six aspects of strategy, hoping to play a certain role in high school education in the mother, look forward to more and more harmonious family relations.The fifth part, conclusion. Mainly discusses the viewpoint, the shortcomings and the direction of future efforts.
Keywords/Search Tags:middle school Chinese teaching materials, mother image, middle schoolstudents, growth, impact, education strategy
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