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The Research On The Problem Of Educational Resource Allocation During Chinese Compulsory Education

Posted on:2015-02-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At present our country in the eastern and western areas in China, the gap betweenrural and urban areas is well known, in the same area of education resources is alsounfair distribution problems, it is because of the region’s financial strength is different.We should attach great importance to the gap, because of the existence of the gap iflong term, would bring huge social problems. So to increase on the cause of educationresources, the investment of manpower and material resources, especially the westerneducation in the poor areas. The poor areas, especially in recent years, the governmentimplemented a series of ethnic minority area of the support work, such as"experienceeducation Tibet","the national143counterpart support ethnic minoritycounties","counterpart support education" the three gorges reservoir and otheractivities, greatly promote the development of education in these areas.This article from the education resource allocation events and according to thedefinition of the allocation of resources management in colleges and universitiesemergencies and the configuration of the university education resource managementconnotation, analysis of the current general situation of the allocation of resources andthe development trend of colleges and universities, put forward the education resourceallocation system construction work, clear the leadership system and workingmechanism of education resources allocation is put forward and the safety of theeducation resources in colleges and universities stability problem of screening,analysis, prevention, early warning mechanism, perfect caused by unreasonableallocation of education resources of public emergency information transmission, newsreports, online public opinion guide, emergency disposal, rehabilitation and recovery,emergency reserves and emergency safeguard mechanism, analyze the process ofpublic education resources management of colleges and universities, to strengthen theconstruction of education resources allocation management team, improve the comprehensive ability to cope with emergencies.
Keywords/Search Tags:Education resource allocation, fair principle, efficiency principle
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