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A Study On The Application Of Situational Teaching Method To Senior High School English Reading Teaching

Posted on:2015-03-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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English reading teaching is an integral part in Senior High School English teachingactivity, and the improvement of English reading ability plays a very important role in theimprovement of Senior High school students’ comprehensive ability in English. But, for along time, there are many disadvantages existing in the traditional English reading teachingmethod in our country. In classes, teachers only pay attention to the explanation oflanguage knowledge and ignore the creation of the language scene. If things go on like this,students will find English reading class boring and they will gradually lose interest inlearning English reading. It is not conducive to the cultivation of students’ good Englishreading learning strategies and it will hinder the improvement of students’ English readingability. How to improve Senior High school English reading teaching efficiency to satisfythe educators’ and the students’ needs is a difficult problem that troubles English teachersin Senior High school. After summarizing the disadvantages of the traditional Englishteaching method and combining with the characteristics of Senior High school students,and then based on the author’s personal understanding about the Constructivist learningtheory and Krashen’s Input Hypothesis and Affective Filter Hypothesis, the author putsforward to use the Situational Teaching Method in Senior High school English class toguide English reading teaching.The Situational Teaching Method requires teachers to create a real or semi-reallanguage environment according to the teaching content to enable students to participate inteaching activities actively and not just be listeners or bystanders. The Situational TeachingMethod has the features of vividness and intuitiveness and it can greatly mobilize students’English learning enthusiasm.The research attempts to find out answers to the following questions: Can theSituational Teaching Method enhance Senior High school students’ motivation to learnEnglish reading? Can the Situational Teaching Method improve Senior High schoolstudents’ English reading learning strategy? Can the Situational Teaching Method improveSenior High school students’ English reading achievements?In the process of the study, two parallel classes which the author taught in Sui ZhongSecond Senior High school were chosen as experimental subjects. One was named as theExperimental Class in which the Situational Teaching Method was used; the other was the Control Class in which the traditional teaching method was adopted. The author aims toexplore the necessity and feasibility of using the Situational Teaching Method in Englishreading teaching with the help of the pre-test and post-test of students’ English readingachievements in two exams. Through two questionnaires which were cited partly from thequestionnaires about students’ motivation in English learning and students’ Englishlearning strategies of professor Wen Qiufang. The study has demonstrated the change ofstudents’ English reading learning interest and their English reading learning strategy withdata after they respectively accept the traditional teaching method and the SituationalTeaching Method. Thus to further explore the advantages and limitations of the SituationalTeaching Method and to propose suggestions of using the Situational Teaching Method toconduct English reading teaching. The results show that after the application of theSituational Teaching Method in English reading teaching, the students’ English readinglearning motivation has enhanced (see in table4.4) for the sig (2-tailed) is0.000which issmaller than0.05, their English reading learning strategies has ameliorated (see in table4.8) for the sig (2-tailed) is0.000which is smaller than0.05and their English readingachievements has obviously improved by analyzing the statistic in table4.12for the sig(2-tailed) is0.000which is smaller than0.05. After using the Situational Teaching Method,it realized the transformation of the “one-way indoctrination” and the “spoon-feeding”teaching mode and the students become the leading characters of classroom activities.The research proves that the Situational Teaching Method is undoubtedly an effectiveteaching method to conduct Senior High school English reading teaching.
Keywords/Search Tags:Senior high school English reading teaching, the Situational TeachingMethod, English reading learning motivation, English reading learning strategy, Englishreading ability
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