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The Study Of The Policies’ Effectiveness Of Compulsory Education Teachers’ Construction In Minority Areas

Posted on:2015-03-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330428980592Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Since education development priority strategy has been put forward in the fourteenth National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, discusses about what this strategy really is and how to promote it were abundant. The development in teaching staff was absolutely the important part in the strategy. The Guidelines (2010-2020) of the National Program for Medium-and Long-Term Educational Reform and Development, issued in2010, pointed that teachers are fundamental to education career. Only excellent teachers could make first-class education possible. They are the key for the sound and fast development of education career and cultivating highly-competent people. However, when it comes to the development of the teaching stuff, especially in the minority regions, we could not be optimistic because of restricts in both subjective and objective reasons. Policy and strategy is the life of the Party. It is extremely important for how to effectively bring the directive function into play, which propels the educational advance of teachers stuff in minority areas. This paper takes the minority district as region, compulsory education as boundary, the construction of teaching stuff as domain, the effectiveness of policy as result. By the example of the policy in individual county, this paper try to analyze the policy validity in those special areas, Which makes contribution to the constructing theory of teaching stuff and even the perfection of the policy.By defining the minority region/compulsory education/development of the teaching stuff/the effectiveness of policy, and by rethinking the analytical paradigm of effectiveness in public policy and concrete criterions of analysis, this paper focus on forming the framework of policy effectiveness through the effectiveness of law, the effectiveness of value, the effectiveness of fact, and build a three-class analysis index system.At this premising logical frame, this paper chooses X county as main case to analyze the effectiveness of the policy in construction of teaching stuff from2009to2013. Then it takes the element that affect the policy effectiveness into consideration. At last, this paper put forward some fact routes to maintain the policy effectiveness from short-and long-term aspect.The existing analyzing models are far from perfect, thus we should form this analysis frame of policy effectiveness from three aspects:the effectiveness of law, the value of policy, and the fact of policy. The elements affecting the policy effectiveness in minority regions derives from the reasons among policy problem, the policy itself, the implement of policy, the analysis methods and so on. We could not take only one shot to accomplish the task. The countermeasures from both short-term, or gradual, and long-term reform are needed.
Keywords/Search Tags:minority regions, compulsory education, theconstruction of teaching stuff, the effectiveness of policy
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