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The Research On Performance Pay Of Compulsory Education Teachers In Minority Concentrated Region

Posted on:2012-08-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2217330341951434Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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The teacher resources is essential of compulsory education development and our country compulsory education can exist some problem such as teacher resources development is the unbalanced. Development of compulsory education in national regions had been hindered because they are more in mountainous, pastoral area and poor areas. To improve our overall compulsory education level, the development of compulsory education in national regions is the key. At present the key problem of compulsory education development in national regions is the "people" issues , namely teachers resources issues. The key problem has an important influence to the overall development of the compulsory education in our country. Due to the minority area economy developmental backwardness, makes teachers resources loss and have attraction weakly to the high quality teacher resources, so education quality cannot improve fundamentally. Therefore, solving the teaching resources problem in national regions is the key to improve the education level of national region. Through implementing the compulsory education performance salary system, make the teachers in national regions get a job satisfaction for reducing the local teachers resources loss ,then created the objective conditions in order to improve the local teachers quality.There are some minority in QianNan state. It includes six state-level counties and 137 poor villages and towns. It has 37 ethnic and minority population accounts for 57% of the total population. Due to larger proportion of minority population, economic development backward and china's most ethnic minority areas with the same characteristics in Southern region have certain representativeness. This article through literature method and case method to system analyse compulsory education teachers' performance salary in QianNan state. I hope that I can find out the problems of compulsory education teachers' performance salary in national regions through the investigation of the region and argumentation. This paper mainly divided into five parts: The first part, I through define the related concept and combine with the domestic and foreign relevant literature review to understand the this framework for expounding innovation and deficiencies of this work.The second part, analysis and research the related theory,find out the theoretical support for improving compulsory education teachers' performance salary system in regions inhabited by ethnic groups.The third part,through empirical analysis in QianNan state to find out present situation and the existence question of compulsory education teachers' performance salary in national regions .The part four,comparing reform experience of primary and middle school teachers' performance in he United States and get valuable experience for the article.The fifth part, in accordance with the above questions put forward corresponding policy Suggestions and countermeasures.
Keywords/Search Tags:Minority regions, Compulsory education, Teachers' salary, Performance pay
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