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A Study On Improve Educational Donation To Rural Compulsory Education In Minority Tourist Regions

Posted on:2012-04-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330371995616Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Preferential policies for rural compulsory education as one of the focus of the country have had a lot of breakthrough in recent years. However, due to historical reasons and economic constraints, the development of compulsory education cannot always get rid of the shortage of funds, the brain drain and other predicament. For the compulsory education has public goods property, no doubly the government is the main supply of the compulsory education, but because of the scarcity of public goods led to the severe shortage of funding in rural compulsory education. So the government as its main supply at the same time it is need for education donations to make up its lack of investment. Based on the above facts, this paper will investigate the issue of education donation to rural compulsory education.Education donation to rural compulsory education is favorable to promote the quality of the rural teaching, to subside government’s financial pressure, to shorten the gap between the rural areas and the urban cities, and also to promote the fairness in education. But due to the imperfection of the relative strategies to encourage in our country, the excluding effects of government investment, the unhealthy development of the third sector, the low level of the social development, and the short awareness of the civil charity. So far, the amount of education donation to rural compulsory education is too little; the proportion of the education donation in education fund is still too low; the input of the education donation to the rural compulsory education still faces the problem of the limitation of donation sources, the category is single, and the work of the recipient is passive, lack of initiative and low utilization efficiency and so on. In order to promote compulsory education in rural area, the effect of donation for education needs to be improved.The main body of this thesis is divided into four parts. Chapter three gives an introduction about the present situation of the donation for the compulsory education in rural area of Yulong County according to the situation of the county’s donation funds for education and the use, the forms of donation as well as the government support.Chapter four makes an analysis of the problems and restraining factors of the donation for the compulsory education in rural area of Yulong County. The problems include the limited scale and the unitary form of donation. Moreover, the shortage of virtual supervision and the donatories’passivity should not be neglected. The restraining factors involve in the relatively low level of local economic development, the government crowding-out effect as well as the compulsory education in rural area.Chapter five lists some strategies to counter the existing problems according to the present situation and the features of Yulong County. The specific countermeasures points up that the government should attach importance to the praise and award for charity behavior so as to guide the charity invest. Moreover, the government should make good use of tourist resources to expand channels for donation, to guide the direction flow of the donation for education and to implement effective external supervision. In addition, donatory schools should try to improve donatory environment, strive for donation actively, strengthen the management of donation and promote its utilization efficiency.
Keywords/Search Tags:Education donation, Rural compulsory education, Utilization efficiency
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