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The Survival Strategies Of Lower-class Students

Posted on:2015-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The social stratification of class students exists objectively. Although in the same class,the students in different social classes have different amount of cultural capital, and then have different life experiences. The survival experience of Lower-class Students attracts more and more attentions form the researchers. Because of the lack of cultural capital, Lower-class Students always play the role of losers. They experience the differences of status and are forced to accept the position of obedience in the formal structure. In addition, they become the discipline focus of the schools and teachers. However, in the informal structure, these students, who are representing a kind of special cultural which is in conflict with most of the other students, have a further understanding of the differences of social status. Their basic needs can’t be satisfied, because the capital of economic and social aspects that they have can not be easily converted to cultural capital while the cultural capital has a strong power of conversion in class field. Although facing a survival predicament in class life, Lower-class Students don’t give up. They make the capital which they possess get a comparative advantage, as one way, by varying field or using some hidden methods to let the cultural capital lose its control power temporarily. As the other way, they try their best to challenge the cultural capital by spreading the campus subculture directly or indirectly. It is said above that Lower-class Students’behavior logic is based on the capital they own, therefore this paper defines it as Lower-class Students’s class survival strategy.This paper uses Bourdieu’s capital theory to make the readers recognize and interpret the social stratification and the behaviors of Lower-class Students in classes, then provide the schools, teachers and parents a new perspective in which they treat Lower-class Students. By this way, we could avoid hastily attributing the students’irregularities to intellectual, academic and moral problems, and help the educators find the activities of Lower-class Students. In the actual teaching process, the educators should pay more attention to the fairness particularly in the education microscopic field, and provide a good living and learning environment for Lower-class Students to exert their utmost efforts.
Keywords/Search Tags:class, Lower-class Student, survival predicament, survival strategy, culturalcapital
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