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Research On Course Teaching Reform Of Advanced Mathematics In Advanced Technology Colleges

Posted on:2015-01-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Higher Mathematics is a compulsory course served as an instrument for students to learn other professional courses. The teaching quality of Higher Mathematics Teaching determines the students’ learning ability of specialized knowledge and even the business of their lifelong education. Therefor, Higher Mathematics is an inevitable step in the implement of college curriculum reforms. Combined with the practical teaching experience, this study aimed to study the current teaching situation in Karamay Vocational and Technical College. The author also tries to work out a suitable framework for the higher mathematics teaching reform in vocational colleges.Based on the sample survey made in Karamay Vocational and Technical College through recent years, we have found that mathematics teaching problems lie in the following six aspects:First, mathematics teachers’ teaching ability has to be improved, and their theories on teaching has to be updated. Second, the numerous versions of teaching textbook can’t meet the needs of Higher Mathematics Teaching in vocational college. Third, teaching methods and approaches used in the current class is much too dull and simple without any flexibility. Fourth, the evaluation system designed for mathematics curriculum is relatively pale, and lacks of scientific proves. Fifth, the assignments given by the teachers are of no distinction between different levels of students. Sixth, teachers are reluctant to do after-class reflection and researches, which is bad for the cultivation of students’ innovative ability. The analysis of the Survey results indicate that the above six issues are the main factors that seriously hinder the effectiveness of advanced mathematics teaching in college.Aiming at solving the above six current problems in teaching, the author proposed the following advice on teaching reforms, including five aspects. The reforming advices covered many factors, including the guiding ideology of vocational mathematics teaching, curriculum goals, teaching philosophy, teaching materials characteristics, teaching methods, the art of teaching, teaching evaluation, assignments, and after-school reflections.Firstly, we have to edit some useful and suitable textbooks or handouts for students, in order to change the current bad teaching situation and the mess in the textbooks. The principle of editing new books is "necessary and fitness". The textbooks or handouts must be easy for teacher to design teaching and student to acquire the knowledge. Due to students’variable requirements to the math knowledge in different majors, we also try to edit suitable textbook for each major.Secondly, we should emphasize the importance of "students participation in classroom teaching, according to the cognitive learning theory and constructivism learning theory. We should also scientifically adjust the teaching methods and strategies to match different students’needs and teaching materials. Following the steps from teaching, learning to doing, the author has successfully find a way to cultivate students’mathematical skills through different approaches, such as heuristic, analog, inquiry-based, open, diagnostic and interactive ways. The teaching methods used in the class also follow the teaching principles in mathematics class.Thirdly, the teaching methods should catch up with the pace of modern electrical and science and technology development. On one hand, we should take good advantages of computer software and multimedia equipment to assist teaching, use visual teaching principles to simplify the abstract mathematical concepts; On the other hand, we should energetically develop mathematics laboratory and carry out experiments in the classroom teaching. At the same time, we should improve students’ ability to tackle the practical problems through mathematical software and experiments.Fourthly, based on the study of teaching art, such as teaching language arts, the board-plan arts, teaching organizations arts, teaching style art and the art of teaching thought, we should clarify that the main aims of higher mathematics teaching reform are to create active classroom atmosphere, cultivate students interest in learning math, stimulate motivation, inspire students’ intelligence, and arouse mathematical consciousness. We should make efforts to improve mathematics teaching art, lift the quality of teaching mathematics to the next level.Fifthly, the foundation and intelligence of students in different majors are not at the same level. In additional, the requirements to students of different department are also not same. Therefore, the traditional assessment system, only judging from the score on the test paper, is unreasonable and unfair to the students. The testing results can’t tell the quality of teaching nor the ability and levels of students learning. Thus, the author proposed the following suggestion:The supervisors should have similar knowledge background with the teacher being inspected, so that they wouldn’t score the teaching quality from surface problems, such as the teaching atmosphere. Meanwhile we should establish more reasonable system for students to evaluate teaching.
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